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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A token nod of the head to Valentine's Day

The collective knitting project is coming along a treat.

Because the squares are so little, it doesn't feel like a big deal to experiment with them and try out new things.

So, I thought I would use my latest square to give a token nod of the head to Valentine's Day and attempt a bit of pattern design. Although, as you can see from my scribbled out grid in my notebook, this may be a bit of a generous description for my efforts.

The rest of the gang are getting into it, too, and coming up with plenty of lovely knitted squares in some beautiful designs. The finished baby blanket is going to look gorgeous.

Yes, a baby blanket! My expanding waistline is not purely down to tea and cake, and failing to get out of bed for the gym.

I met up with my friend Imogen the other day. Not only was she full of the fact she had just pulled out her needles at the laundrette, we then got on with a bit more as we chatted.

We were both in agreement that this is a sure sign if ever there was one that we have reached a stage in our lives where we no longer care what people think of us - knitting and all. Here is the pile so far.

As for Valentine's plans - I have none. And, like the knitting in public, I am fine with that. Okay, so I lied a bit. I may not have bought a tacky card or gift for my loved one - but I have come home with a bag full of ingredients for our favourite child free meal. And it only takes ten minutes to cook.

Intrigued? I think it is a decent Food Top Trumps contender. Details of how to recreate this complicated dish for yourselves at home will be revealed tomorrow. If I remember to take a photo of the finished dish, that is, before scoffing it.

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  1. Congratulations Janet - that's so exciting! I'm sure you'll have lots of little helpers when bubs appears :) x