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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Owl Trousers

After my last old stuff into new success, I was keen to get going on another similar project. This time, it was to have a go at turning a shepherd's nativity costume into a pair of trousers. 

We'd been given a great big bag of fancy dress things, and in amongst the princess dresses was a shepherd's costume, which was way too big for the girls. And, let's be honest, didn't hold quite the same appeal as Snow White.

I'd held off passing it on, as there was something about the fabric that inspired me. Then I realised it was crying out to be made into a pair of cosy trousers. What a lucky girl the eldest daughter is - first pillowcases into pyjamas, and now a shepherd's costume into trousers! It'll give her something to throw back at me as a teenager if nothing else.

So, in the same fashion as I'd done with the pyjama bottoms, I sized up the shepherd's costume, holding up a pair of current trousers belonging to the biggest girl to see if I'd be able to wangle trousers out of the fabric in front of me. I reckoned it was just about big enough. Out with the scissors, and on with the overlocker for a bit more winging it sewing.

I'd been given this lovely bundle of fat quarters, which turned out to be just right for making these owls. Should anyone ever be stuck for something to buy as a gift for a person who sews, the clever people at Fabric Rehab have all the answers you need - starting with a Bundle of Joy. Full of promise.

I really like the owls. They took a while to make, but I'm glad I did. And the big girl likes them, too.

She has tested out her new trousers, and the verdict is good. Even if they do look a bit like pyjamas!

I might add pockets to the back. But not until I have made a coordinating Wonky Wilma out of the remains of the fabric. Which brings me on to my next point.

The Wilma challenge has now been taken up by quite a lot of you. Thank you! My favourite one so far has to be this mini version, made by my friend Stacie. Pure sewing genius to make a little one, too. I am definitely going to be copying that idea in time for Christmas presents!

To make the mini version, just print two pages of the pattern to a page
I've just been talking to my friend Liz, about possible ways of adding even more fun to the Wilma challenge and to raise as much money as possible for GOSH. Starting with a best upcycled Wilma competition. What can you find to turn into a Wilma?

Can you guess where we met to talk about Wilma?

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