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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Today is Roald Dahl's birthday - I know this fact because, after helping my little girls make some absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious pizzas for their tea, we all sat on the sofa and watched our first ever episode of Blue Peter together.

The presenter (who, depressingly is obviously much YOUNGER than me - when did that happen?), gave the keen viewers next to me some ideas on how to go about making frobscottle. They sat there in wide eyed wonderment, and so what else could I do? You guessed it - on Saturday morning, straight after we return home from swimming lessons, we'll be mixing up some kiwi fruits, limes and lemonade to concoct our own version of the magic potion. I fear there may be disappointment ahead for some. Having paid close attention to the revolting looking concoction the enthusiastic TV presenter produced, Sophie has already spotted the bubbles are going the wrong way for it to be the genuine article.

Anyhow, the love affair with Roald Dahl continues. I am not sure who is enjoying it the most - myself or my older two girls. I had forgotten how brilliant The BFG was. And now, I have had a magic moment of listening from downstairs to the sound of the older one reading a few extra pages of George's Marvellous Medicine to her little sister. (Must remember this the next time I feel like signing them both up to the nearest boarding school...)

So, barely any sewing done by me in the past week. I did force myself to do those name labels. Finally. Actually, that isn't strictly true. I have done most of the labels. The rest can wait until we run out of clean labelled uniform! I know you can get iron on ones - but really, who could resist these ever so sweet pink elephant woven ones? 

Only a couple more days now until the middle girl goes off to school. Yikes. I must admit, I am a bit sad about it. I know she'll have a great time - she's going to be taught by Mrs Davidson. Having done a brilliant job of teaching our eldest girl to read, Mrs D has already earned her teaching goddess status in the Lehain household. But, for me and the middle girl, next week will be the end of our week day afternoons together. And don't even start me on the youngest girl. Squabbles aside, I think she'll be heart broken and feel more than a little bit robbed when she realises her only resident daytime playmate is yours truly. 

Still, every cloud has a silver lining and all that - and, if the youngest keeps up her afternoon sleep habit (please, sleep gods, let it be so) next week may just may see a welcome opportunity to sneak in a bit of afternoon sewing. After all the housework is done, of course. And dinner prepared. Trust me, the tops of the kitchen cupboards will be sparklingly clean before I reach for my sewing machine. Honest. 

This is what I have planned as my next selfish sewing make. I have the lovely Karen to thank for pointing me in the direction of this lovely new to me pattern line. The fabric is a Cath Kidston corduroy, and I think it'll be perfect for an autumn skirt to wear with boot. Can't wait.

But before that, I have my `Saying it with Flowers' brooch making workshop at my favourite cake shop this Thursday. Sewing and amazing cake? I can't wait, I can't wait! I've already been having a lot of fun ordering plenty of lovely buttons, beads and fabrics, designing instruction sheets, and putting it all together in pretty little bags tied with polka dot ribbon. I am really, really pleased that plenty of people have signed up to come. Now, I am just keen to make sure they all have a lovely time - and come away with some gorgeous hand made brooches to proudly pin to their favourite coats.

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