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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My first Ginger

Whilst away in Blackpool last week, I made my first Ginger. Oh, how I like it. I like it a lot! Prepare to be bored by many more incarnations of this pattern here in the months to come.

There have been loads of gorgeous versions of this skirt in Blogland for ages now - so why has it taken me so flipping long to make one? Well, I'm a bit tight (the Colette patterns aren't cheap), a bit lazy (I have other skirt patterns I like, and it takes me to much more brain power to work myself up to making something new!), a bit nervous (of mucking up said pattern and fabric), and, well, a bit short of time!

So, the pattern? Brilliant. Worth every penny, I'd say. It feels flattering and comfortable, and I think there's loads of potential for lots of different versions (including one with chevrons!) to suit all weathers.

I did my usual sulking at the measuring stage, as I span across FOUR sizes (waist huge when compared to proportionately tiny hips). This news always sends me into a minor spin for two reasons - clearly, I simply do not go in as traditional sizing would expect, and, more annoyingly, I then need to extra spend time making careful adjustments to the pattern so I can enjoy one of the major benefits of investing time in making my own clothes in the first place (a nice fit).

Night two of sewing in Blackpool was largely spent cutting out. The pattern adjustment was pretty straightforward in the end, but, being a sewing gambler and not making a muslin, it was time to cross my fingers and hope that things would would out nicely when I came to sew it up the following evening. I wangled this skirt out of one metre, with a fat quarter to spare for something at a later date (a bag..?). That said, it is just as well I'm short, as I couldn't have made it a fraction longer even if I'd wanted to.

I really enjoyed making this skirt, and before long, I realised I was smiling as I was making it! There was nothing hard about it - the instructions were really good, and it all came together really smoothly. I think making the piping was my favourite bit, as I love the contrast of the pink and yellow. (Why had I been so reluctant to get going on a new pattern..?!)

My friend Karen, who was kind enough to take these awkwardly posed pictures, has now seen for herself how rubbish I am at trying to look natural. Oh well, never mind, eh - at least I'm happy with the skirt itself!

Okay, so the top of the zip doesn't quite match, but I can live with that, and will look out for it a bit more next time round. All in all, not a bad first attempt.

Love the shape of the waistband!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love so much about this. The pink and yellow combination, the piping (Was it difficult? I've never tried it before? Is it part of the pattern, or your variation?), the fit, everything. I'm also jealous that you were in Blackpool. I used to date an ex-pat from Crewe and we visited England often. I adored Blackpool. Hope you had fun there. Anyway, you look great, and I LOVE the yellow flower.

  2. Its fabulous Janet, Well done ! Love the fabric choice and contrasting binding. Amazing !

  3. Thanks, ladies. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about making this. Sadly, it came into contact with black poster paint yesterday, and I still haven't managed to get it out. But hey ho - it is still wearable, as the paint is at the bottom of the skirt, and I have an excuse to make another one for `best'. He, he.
    Shelley, the piping was pretty easy - you can probably find tutorials online for doing this, and I would say go for it. But the thinner stuff would be my tip.