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Monday, 21 May 2012

Tree Climbing Trousers

Dresses and skirts are lovely for little girls who like twirling around and dancing. My three all like them. But there are times when trousers are what's needed. Like tree climbing.

My eldest girl loves climbing trees - there are some perfect ones for climbing at the park near where we live, and I regularly find her disappearing off from the playground in search of her favourite `climbing trees'.

The pattern I used was the Treasure Pocket Pants from `Sewing for Boys', which I'd bought for some inspiration for projects to choose for my latest Children's Clothing Course.

It would be fair to say it was an instant hit with my girl, who put them on straight away and headed out the door to test them out on the apple tree in our garden...

And, as her little sister looked on enviously, I think I'll be making more of these before too long. And maybe some as shorts, too?

I did a quick bit of applique on a plain t shirt, using scraps, buttons and Bondaweb, to tie in with theme on the side panels on the trousers.

With plenty of play friendly clothes, and nice clear instructions that are easy enough for people with a few basic sewing skills to try, this book is definitely worth a look - whether its boys or girls you have.

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