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Thursday, 31 May 2012

A new habit

Today is the last day of the month - and marks the end of the Me Made May challenge. I can't believe how quickly the last few weeks have gone. Having been really dedicated over recording the process in the first week or so, you may have noticed I have become a bit, well, slack, for the latter part of the month. Oops!

As I am currently nursing a poorly throat, resulting in complete loss of voice, and am feeling too lazy by far to do a proper catch up post, you can see the daily pictures over at my Flickr - if you want to, that is. I am sure most people will be quietly relieved to have been spared a couple of dozen pictures of me posing awkwardly. The daily posing is believe it or not the one bit of the challenge I won't miss.

If I have been guilty of letting the `diary' about what I've been wearing slip, the actual challenge itself (to wear more of my own handmade clothes in my everyday life) has been brilliant, and I have enjoyed every bit of it.

The month has kick started me into a new habit - of wearing the stuff I have made on a regular basis, particularly these dresses that I had barely worn, just because I'd thought of them as special occasion outfits.  Finding things to wear each day wasn't really a problem - once I took a proper look at my wardrobe and was willing to consider wearing long neglected items of clothing again. It's funny how you can end up limiting what you wear week in week out to about five or six things - I have rediscovered plenty of nice very wearable clothes I had forgotten I had. Daft, especially considering all the effort I had at some point or other put into making them.

During MMM, I shortened this top by a few inches - realising it had been the length that had held me back from wearing it. I have always loved the colour and pattern, but it just didn't seem to sit right. Until now, that is. I think I wore it four times over the month of May - hooray for a new favourite top to go with jeans!

And as for my plan to pose outside as many favourite places in my home town of Bedford as possible - well, that part of the challenge was also really good fun. Although, there are loads of places I didn't get to in time - still, I guess there is always next time. This sweet shop is definitely a firm favourite place - with me and my three sweet loving little girls. Never underestimate the power of sweets to encourage/bribe some good behaviour...

So all that is left for me to say is a big thank you to Zoe for organising MMM. The month has introduced me to a new mindset when it comes to my own clothes, where I have learnt to feel a bit more proud and a bit less sheepish about wearing stuff I've made - and, I have had fun getting inspired by all the other super talented participants of MMM. Take a peek at the group Flickr pool - thanks everyone, I have thoroughly enjoyed spying out all your beautiful outfits and hope to see you next time round! X

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