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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Me Made May catch up

Almost half way through the month long challenge to wear something home made each day - I'm really enjoying it!

Here's what I've been wearing over the last week or so:

Out for a meal with the hubby, to our favourite curry house in Bedford.
Wearing a me made skirt with flowers made from favourite scraps.
Skipping down cemetery hill. Wearing this dress and a matching clutch
(not in picture as perched on the bin with my camera on self time mode)
Happy birthday to my favourite four  year old! Won't even begin to bore you with the saga of why this cake was a disappointment (not elephant shaped) for the birthday girl. Wearing a skirt in some gorgeous Amy Butler print.
We interrupt the pictures of me in things for a day to include one of a little girl. Wearing this dress (and clearly enjoying using her big sister's new umbrella while she's out of the way at pre school)
With the lovely butchers David and Pino, on Stanley Street in Bedford. Sun is shining, all me made stuff on today, and I can vouch for the fact the steak in that bag was GOOD.
Miserable bank holiday weather, so wearing my Tanya Whelan tunic with leggings.
Willing my friend Leyanne to hurry up and take the photo before too many other of the school mums wonder what on earth I'm up to. Wearing another Lisette 2211, and using some of the gorgeous birthday fabric given to me by my best friend.
On cemetery hill again - and wearing my Lisette skirt and Jasmine top.
The Party Bag Factory - wearing another Jasmine top, this time made out of
a pretty Tanya Whelan paisley print from Singers in town.
I haven't made anything new for the challenge - but that may be about to change, as I'm about to try making my first Sorbetto top.

I'm keeping my first one plain and simple - in a black lawn, as I want it to be something to go with several other things. Having cut it out, my enthusiasm for the make is waning, as, having held the pieces up against me, I am not convinced the finished top with even cover my belly button and have any hope of fitting - wish me luck!

One of the most fun parts of the challenge so far has been it is getting me to wear a lot of things I haven't worn in a while - mainly just through habit, and rediscovering them again. Depending on the weather, this coming week will see quite a few repeats cropping up, as I'm coming to the end of my  ready made me made clothing not yet worn during this challenge. Hey ho, though - that's about it for now!


  1. You're blog literally gives me goosebumps - you are so awesome! and i just adore everything you make - its all stunning & so thoughtful. Me Made May is such an awesome idea - the pics are fab! xxxx

  2. I've added a couple of inches to the sorbetto pattern as I had the same problem. Could you add an extra piece to the bottom? a bit of ruffle or just a cuff?

  3. Ah, thanks for the sweet comment, Lucy. (We still need to get together for some sewing!) To put a more realistic spin on things, the Sorbetto top I started was a big fat fail - easily 2 sizes too small, and so no chance of salvaging the short length by adding a bit to the bottom. The best I could do with my disaster of a top was to chop it up and use it to line a bag.
    Thanks for the tip, tho Ellen - I'll definitely lengthen the pattern (once I've printed off a bigger version!)