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Friday, 6 April 2012

Vibrant Vintage Top

I have no idea which era this fits into to qualify it as `vintage', but I think the colour combo is what gave me the idea to call it that, so I am jumping on the bandwagon and going with it, as I couldn't think of anything else to put as a title.

So, here's my second go at the Colette Jasmine pattern.

Fabric from Sew La La
I made this the other night, when my friend Pamela came over to sew with me, and she was following the same pattern, making it the official Jasmine Top night. Oh yes, you may mock. But we both have new tops. Shame the weather has turned cold again. So not so smug about the new top, as cannot wear it out yet. But it fits, and, I am pleased to report, that, unlike the first version (which practically cut off my circulation after half an hour of wearing and required annoying amounts of unpicking to correct and render the top wearable again), my arms like this top. Hooray!

Not sure what is going on with the sizing on the pattern, as I'd say the sleeves were maybe a bit too loose this time round. And as for the over all sizing, I think we'd both agree the fit is pretty generous, so go for the smaller size if in doubt (I made the Size 0, and there is no way I would buy an American Size 0 in real life, and yet this one fits fine).

Spot the dodgy dart - hoping the iron will sort this out... 
Relax. This photo has put me off wearing the red skirt with the top. Too much red. 

Looking at these photos makes me realise how much I slouch! I am hoping this is just when taking awkward self-timed picture of myself posing in my new tops, and not how I look all the time. A bit like hearing yourself played back on answer machines and videos, where you think, "Oh, ****! Is that really what I sound like to everyone?!". There is zero chance of me ever including my face in one of the photos, by the way - too cringe worthy, pretending the camera is not there and acting natural but failing miserably, if you know what I mean.

Happy arms
The latest meet of the Scone Roses WI that I go to had a really fun demonstration of vintage hair dos, by the fabulous Sarah's Do Wop Dos. If you live in Bedford, check out what she does - Sarah oozes cool and loveliness in equal quantities, and her enthusiasm for victory rolls and back combing got us all having fun attempting our own vintage hair dos on each other.

I have no obvious reason that I can think of, like a wedding, to get my hair `done' - but, Sarah's enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. I think I'd like to have it done for the heck of it, convince some friends to join me, first, of course, and then dress up and head out. Might be fun.

Anyhow, I like my new top. I love the vibrancy of the floral mint green and red linen together.

The plain linen wasn't part of the original plan. I confess now that the main fabric was an impulse buy, upon discovering a new (to me) fabric website. I bought three metres, along with some red and white polka dot fabric I thought would go nicely with it. It does, but just not for this top. But, a child's dress? Oh, yes. Three of them? Quite possibly. Three matching girls' dresses and a Mummy in a top in the same material? Should definitely never be seen in public. Ever.

Should never be seen. Really.

Not at least now I am on the other side of the fence of the Mummy-Daughter matching combo.

But as a child, I thought the sight of my Mum and me in our matching hand knitted country side scene of hills and lambs was just brilliant. Brilliant I tell you. Indeed, it made me very happy every time my Mum agreed to wear hers on the day I had mine on.

Something to ponder...

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  1. Your top is beautiful, I hope the sunshine returns soon so you can enjoy wearing it. Kath x