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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Super Heroes on Scooters

Last weekend, we had a little boy's fifth birthday party to go to. I wasn't sure what to buy a little boy, and then, at 3 am the night before, inspiration struck. A super hero cape!

The little boy in question loves going fast - be it on a bike or a scooter, or just running, everything about the boy is energetic and fast. Having watched him speed round the park on his bike the previous day, and, also looking at Jess's post that same night, the idea for a customised cape popped into my head and seemed like the perfect thing for him. 

With the help of Bondaweb for the logo, it didn't take long to make the cape. In fact, half the sewing was done with my youngest on my knee, `helping'. And then the conversation with my girls went something like, "Ooooo, Mummy, that looks great!", followed by an indulgent, "Would you like one of your own?" from me. Flattery can get you a long way with me and my sewing machine. And they know it.

The weather this weekend was just right for climbing trees and whooshing round on the roundabout.

Digging for treasure, obviously. And then taking the time to bury the great big stick you have spent half an hour playing with, just in case someone else wants to play with it after you've left the park.

And, their work complete, off they zoomed. As for me, I'm just grateful for anything that helps them break the walking pace barrier on their scooters.


  1. aww, so adorable! I love little ones in super capes!

  2. Thank you Janet the boy in Question loves his cape!!!

  3. Thanks! My three year old has worn hers pretty much all week - nice when sewing can bring so much pleasure to all involved. :)