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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Selfish Sewing

Delilah Paisley in Green, by Tanya Whelan and Jasmine by Colette Patterns
Look at this gorgeous fabric, waiting to be turned into a new top. For me. He, he, he. I am a little excited. 

The fabric was an impulse buy, which happened last week when I popped into Singers in town to check out the new supplies they've got in. 

I'd seen the pattern elsewhere, and the combination just came together in my head as soon as I saw the pretty print. Not having the pattern to refer to, I took a gamble and bought a metre and a half, based on the logic I can normally make a top out of less, but one on the bias would need more. Now the pattern has arrived, it supposedly needs 2 3/4 yards - we'll just have to see what a bit of creative lay out can achieve..!

I am really keen to get started. In fact, I naively thought I might get a little bit of pattern cutting done this morning - but how silly. My youngest had other plans, of course. Namely going to the beach (positioned underneath the apple tree in our garden) and paddling our toes in the sea (a pink metal bucket). Love the fact she can now talk in full sentences and give a full running commentary to explain the game she is gently (but firmly) wanting you to be part of. 

So for now, I will just have to enjoy the occasional peek at this beautiful fabric, and wait for tomorrow afternoon - when my youngest will (hopefully) be sleeping and the middle one is enjoying her turn to go to her friend's for a play date. 


  1. lovely fabric,I used it in a patchwork quilt (with other fabrics by Tanya Whelan)

  2. Hello. I'm newly returned to (very basic) dressmaking. I think there's a fabric sale next Saturday morning at The Swan Hotel (?)in Bedford.