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Wednesday, 28 March 2012


My new camera arrived yesterday, so I've been snapping away and having a bit of a play.

The lovely weather over the last couple of days has bought with it plenty of pottering about in the garden, spontaneous after school trips to the park and a certain little girl in summery dresses. Hooray to all of those!

This is the first time the dress has been worn since I made it about a month ago. I just love the little bunny rabbits, owls and squirrels all over it.

The pattern is a firm favourite on my Kids' Clothes Courses - for the second time in a row, everyone on my current course has chosen this as the main project to make after finishing off their Mini Boden inspired T-shirts.

The chocolate box ribbon as a hair accessory was the girl's own initiative, and she was pretty pleased with herself for wangling it onto her head without any help (what two year old wouldn't be?).

Now I just need to teach her the difference between weeds and plants...

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