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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

For Pleats Sake

I bought the materials for this bag, at the same time as buying the ones for this one, back in the autumn. Yes, the autumn. When the mustard colour would have been perfect for the time of year.

Echo, by Lotta Jansdotter, Blockprint Blossom by Joel Dewberry,
and chocolate brown leather handles from U-Handbag
It is another version of Lisa Lam's free tutorial - I love `em. The style is great for showing off a lovely print, and the size is big enough to be a Mummy bag. And I am already a little bit too smitten with the way this fabric combination looks, along with the nice puffiness the fusible fleece stuck to the lining gives the finished bag.

I strayed from the pattern slightly, by using two fabrics for the inside - only because I didn't have enough of the Joel Dewberry print for the whole lot! (Proof that I am sticking to my January Rule of not buying any sewing stuff all month)
Another minor adjustment - I like to add a snappy strap on the inside for keeping  keys nice and safe.

And now the familiar dilemma... to give away or to keep?

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