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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Flower bag to match a new dress

Samples of the flower embellishments we'll be making during
tonight's session of the handbag and purse course
In the last week my sewing attention has turned to making myself a dress. I bought the materials for it well before Christmas, after spotting the main fabric in my local Singer shop at a bargain price of £7.50 a metre. It doesn't seem to photograph well, but is a nice chocolatey brown pin stripe wool mix.   

Change out of £30.
And so far it looks like I will get a dress, a skirt, and three bags for my money.
Whilst making clothes for myself is probably right up there for me as my favourite type of sewing, it is also the kind I struggle most to get started on. Probably because I know it takes a bit more effort and precision, and, unlike the quick gratification of bags that can be finished in an evening or two, clothes take a good few nights to make. 

That said, I'd encourage anyone to try it sometime. Especially if, like me, you're a bit on the short side and don't always easily find things that fit nicely. With a few basic sewing skills under your belt, and a decent pattern at your side, you'd be surprised what you can achieve. There is no big secret to sewing - it's just about having a go, practising, and not worrying too much about the odd mishap along the way.

Anyhow, with a family wedding coming up, I now have a deadline to be motivated by. 

I'd say I'm about half way there. It is a fully lined, panelled dress. I've made it once before and loved the results. Although, I have boldly assumed my shape has not changed since I made a spring version last year, and not remeasured myself. Let's hope I'm right. Otherwise, there'll be a few extra runs and a bit less cake happening in the next fortnight...

Noodle-head's Gathered Clutch is the perfect project for scraps

Having got a dress, and a bonus skirt cut out of my two metres of fabric (it was 150 cm wide, to be fair), I took the remains with me to a sewing night a friend was hosting last week. Having left the house in a bit of a rush, I forgot to take some fusible fleece for the lining, so left the evening with some half finished bags. I had a lovely evening though - and managed to munch through a decent amount of Rocky Road (thanks, Imogen).

Here they are now - with some flowers I added on to them at the weekend.

I'm thinking of keeping the one with the three roses on it, as I might embellish the dress in the same way. 

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