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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cath Kidston Bunting

Last night was the first Kitchen Table Sewing Night of 2012.

These are pretty similar to any other sewing night I might mention here - different people take a turn to host, there's the start stop of sewing machines, gossip, cups of tea and, in the case of last night, biscuits and funky blue iced fairy cakes (thanks, Helen) - but a regular monthly meet up for those who've come along to one of my courses and want to feed their new habit, and, get a spot of help if they need it.

I had earmarked the evening as the time to finish off making a couple of sets of bunting I had started making as gifts. 

Carrying on with my self-imposed rule to not buy anything sewing related throughout January - or, until I've reduced my stash of sewing stuff taking up space (notice the subtle shift in boundary, here?), this bunting had to be entirely made of of things I already had in the house. 

My January Rule is forcing me to be creative with what I have, and it has been fun so far. I'd had scraps of a few different Cath Kidston prints that were too small for clothing or any big projects, but perfect for bunting. I can appreciate Cath Kidston isn't to everyone's taste - but I think making something out of her bold, bright, pretty prints in January somehow seems like the perfect antidote to the rubbish weather that is often going on outside while you do it. 

So, having already cut, sewn and pressed up a huge pile of triangles earlier in the week, I took those, along with about half a metre of red linen to turn into bias binding to join them together, plus a couple of other projects I optimistically thought I might want to move onto once I'd finished the bunting. 

It would be fair to say I underestimated how long it would take me to make so much bias binding (or maybe I was doing a bit too much talking and not enough sewing - he he). Either way, another case in point that, whilst I love making hand made gifts with specific people I care about in mind (as was the case for the bunting), I would need a team of little elves, willing to be paid in biscuits, if I wanted to make it for profit.

Any how, after a lovely evening, eating a few too many biscuits, here are the two piles of bunting I left with. 


  1. I need to make bunting was thinking triangular -I LOVE yours :)