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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

Continuing with the penguin theme, here are some gratuitous pics of our Christmas cake...

The bunk bed play screen is finished. Just. Pictures to follow.

I still haven't decided whether to let Santa's little elves claim credit for it, or whether to make it clear all the creative glory goes to Mummy. Problem being that I have used some of the same (quite distinctive) fabric on the bunk bed play screen as I did for Wilma the Elephant. And she is most definitely down to the magic of Christmas, as that is the only thing the middle girl has asked the man in the red suit and big beard for. Will they notice amidst all the unwrapping and excitement? Maybe I tell them Santa must have gone to John Lewis for his fabric, too. Or, perhaps I am giving this a bit too much thought. They are only little, after all. Decisions, decisions...

Happy Christmas, everyone!

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