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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mini Boden inspired trousers

Cosy winter trousers
Last night I made a pair of trousers - fully lined with soft brushed cotton, so they'll be cosy and warm for winter.

I must admit, I was able to finish them in an evening, as I had cut out the pieces on Saturday morning while the girls pottered and played in their pyjamas.

The idea for heart patches was most certainly nicked from Mini Boden... although these trousers cost me a lot less to make! The heart fabric came from my local sewing shop in town - a bargain at £5.99 a metre - and the lining is traditional Winceyette, at £5 a metre. All in all, I reckon these came in at around £10.

Another now much used pattern...
In hindsight, the hearts are a little bit lower than I'd want them to be, although with plenty of growing space in the length, this will sort itself in time. That aside, I am really happy with how these trousers turned out.

And with that level of funkiness, the wearer will most certainly be easy to spot at the park.

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