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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Weekend fun (and mainly unfinished sewing projects)

After coming home from school on Friday, my five year old sat down and wrote a list of what we were all going to do as a family this weekend (child of teachers, I wonder..?).

My pile of half finished projects has sat in a box for most of the weekend.

Fairground fabric from FabricRehab
Still pondering what to make with it - think I can just about wangle a shirt out of half a metre...
Unfinished Buttercup bag
Might try and make a dinosaur hat for a little boy who is having a dinosaur party soon...
Now, with much fun had, and things satisfyingly crossed off the list, I've rounded the weekend off with a little sewing (not on Sophie's list).

Tomorrow sees the first of three birthday parties in the week ahead. Two will be of the jelly and ice cream variety, as the parties in question are for children turning three, and one of the grown up kind, involving a night out for curry with friends.

The first birthday is of a little girl I've known since she was born, as I'm friends with her mum. Like most small children, she likes baking (and eating) cakes. And when she's not making real cakes with her mummy, she can often be found playing at making them with her toy kitchen. And, it has emerged, my friend often finds her oven gloves have disappeared and are being used by her daughter.

Always iron your fabric before you do anything else. He he he...

Half-sized oven gloves for a girl who likes playing baking games.

Let's hope she likes them!

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