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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Button bags

Button bags

I love buttons. Anyone else with me on this front?

Frustrated that I couldn't get a decent button fix locally (oh dear, I really do sound like an addict), and what with the stupidly high cost of fuel (blah de blah), last week I turned to the internet for help. Ebay has come up trumps again.

This is what I wanted them for...

One like this...

...and another like this...

Some with handstitching and yo-yos with self cover buttons in the middle. Why the hand-stitching?
To cover up the fact I didn't have any purple thread, of course. 

And here is what was next to the bags I was snapping away at.

All made using Anna's gathered clutch tutorial, found here.

Have just realised you can fit a bar of Green & Blacks chocolate into one of these bags. Good for a birthday present, maybe?

Got a favourite?
Now back to the tennis...

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