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Monday, 20 June 2011

Desperate Housewives

Drinking tea and LOVING the new apron

It is a sad but true fact, that I have wanted to own an apron for a while now. But as yet I have been torn between wanting to be more like my favourite Desperate Housewife, and actually wanting to admit that a housewife is what I am. 

Who is your favourite Desperate Housewife?
So, a couple of weeks ago, sat in a meeting with some other mums, talking about catering for the school fair, I saw my excuse to try and be more like Bree and offered to make aprons for the ladies helping with the food stands. And one for me, too. 

The next day, as I sat at my computer drooling over fabric at my current favourite online supplier, it occurred to me that this has probably taken the place that shoe shopping once held in my heart. Am I alone? Or are there others of you out there, too? Perhaps we could form a support group. ;)

So writing this post has reminded me of two things: number one, I am nothing like Bree, despite what I might think. Bree would shudder if she saw the current state of my kitchen, which is why the picture is in the garden. And number two, I am no model, either. Get used to more awkward poses like the one below, and enjoy a smirk at my expense!

Anyhow, here's the first one:

And yes, this was the best photo I could manage. 

This one was meant to be for one of the other mums (I asked them to choose colours they wanted featured on their aprons, and so this is the red themed one) - would it be wrong of me to keep it for myself...?


  1. love it! (I want to be Bree too and yes a support group would help!) Gem x

  2. I have reluctantly handed the apron over to the person it was intended for. Come round one evening and we can make ourselves some fancy aprons and hold a fabric addicts support group at the same time! xx

  3. I LOVE how it turned out - great job, and great fabric!!