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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Want to learn to sew?

I like to sew. Actually, I love to sew. Why? Who knows really, but mainly because its fun and makes me feel good.

And every few weeks or so, I get together with friends who also like making things. Sometimes we meet to make something in particular, and other times its just an excuse to get together for an evening of gossip over some cake.

It started a year or so ago - I was expecting my third baby, and had been busy making sock monkeys to give them for Christmas.

Sock Monkeys

A friend who had never sewn anything before looked at them and the conversation that followed went something like this: "I wish I could make things!". "Oh, well this was quite easy - I'll show you how." "Ha - you have to be kidding. I can't even sew buttons on."

I suppose ever the teacher, and always one to enjoy a challenge, I convinced her to come round for a sewing night. And so, half expecting ridicule and shouts of "you should join the WI", I hosted our first sewing night. Half a dozen friends came - and by the end of the evening, we each had a quirky little toy to proudly show off to our husbands.

So here's an idea that has been slowly dawning on me. Why not teach other people to sew and make fun stuff? 

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