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Monday, 23 June 2014

Megan Dress

Hello lovely readers!

After the total failure of the stripy romper, I am relieved to tell you my sewing mojo came back on Saturday night - I finished my Megan Dress. Cue happy dance. Or, happy bike ride.

Look what I bought myself with the money from selling my dear old little silver car - this mint green beauty has entered my life! I've been a reluctant cycler, dragging my heels at any suggestions of family bike riding action, and, preferring to drive behind in the support vehicle, and turn up just in time to join in with the cafe bit of the outing.

What changed? Well, with Charlotte getting big enough to go in a bike seat, and with even the littlest big girl (finally) breaking the all important peddling faster than walking pace speed barrier, it was getting harder to think of excuses not to join the cycling gang. My biggest gripe had been bikes just weren't that comfortable (or pretty, but I couldn't admit to that one). I'd admired my friend's Pendleton for a while - and she very kindly let me borrow it from her for a couple of days to see if I liked riding it. I did. And, judging by the uber cute kicking and gleeful squeals from Charlotte, she did too. A perfectly timed sale at the shop meant I hastily reserved a version of my own.

I won't bore you with the details of the first family ride. All I will say is the route out was green and glorious - we cycled alongside the beautiful river in Bedford until we reached Danish Camp (a bit of a let down if you're expecting actual Vikings, but the setting is perfect on a sunny day, and there is a bouncy castle that amuses the children in return for whatever overpriced options you have selected from the menu). The ride home would have been fine, except for the flat tyre on the biggest girl's bike (meaning she and her Daddy and his back seat biker had to walk the entire way home) and the now over tired wailing baby seated behind me for my cycle home with the middle girl. I am told the walking cyclists had to be bribed/motivated with the promise of milk and biscuits at the Kiosk in the Park on the way home, which did the job (along with threats to leave them behind) and they eventually arrived home about an hour or so after us. Still, you can't have it all and life with a gang of little ones doesn't always run smoothly, does it - but next time we'll take a pump with us!

Anyway, the dress.

Yes. Back to the dress.

This is my first proper make from Love at First Stitch. I'd said I was going to do one a month - mainly to force myself to slow down and take my time over some of the details and steps I often miss out, like making a toile.

I did that a couple of weekends ago. It worked out fine, with no adjustments needed. Phew. I moved on and cut out the actual dress pieces, so they would be ready to sew the next time I had a spare evening to devote to the dress.

So, Saturday night came, and I had a couple of friends round to sew with me. I don't know if you sew socially, but this is undoubtedly one of my favourite ways to spend an evening. We natter away, and, okay, so the sewing usually goes a lot slower than it would if working alone, it is so much more fun to gossip together and have a good old catch up. Plus, your friends are on hand to coo in all the right places and offer help (or just laugh) when things go a bit wrong.

Luckily, all went pretty smoothly. By the time my friends went home, I was just starting the invisible zip. We all know how these can go one of two ways - either right first time or they end up being fitted and unpicked about three times and still not being quite right. The sewing gods were obviously smiling down on me - not only did my zip go in nicely first time, the print was so pleasingly matched up that I even pictured in my head how the scene would pan out if I was on Sewing Bee and Patrick was critiquing my derriere (purely for the sake of the pattern matching, obviously). Tell me I am not the only home sewer who, when basking in moments of success, let's their imagination get carried away with them and sees themselves on the Bee..?! Okay, moving on.

The fit is good. Looser than I would have imagined, but I quite like this, as it makes the dress easy to move about in and it feels nice and cool on a hot day. And, it goes nicely with my bike. Shallow, I know.

I'll definitely be making another Megan. I have the fabric lined up already - also from the Goldhawk Road day out during NYLon14. The next one will be a lovely nautical number, and that is all I am telling you for now. But first, I have used the remaining bit of fabric from this dress to cut out something else from the Love at First Stitch book. I know, I know I said one pattern per month, and it is still June. But rules are dull. And if you can't break your own rules, when can you? All I'm saying is that the next make I have planned and cut is super simple, and will be a little bit more cycling friendly.

Watch this space!

Come and join me in the one make a month fun -
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Is anyone else making something from Love at First Stitch at the moment? I'd love to be nosy and see what you're up to - you can Tweet me @kitchentablesew if you feel so inclined. Bye for now!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, Janet! This fabric was such a good buy and I deeply regret not following your lead that day... I'm curious, did you line it? I finished my Delphine over a week ago but have yet to blog it! I wish I was close enough to pop round for a sewcial evening - sounds bliss x

    1. Thanks, Claire. Well, we shall just have to go back to Goldhawk Road, then, huh?! Always happy to go fabric shopping! I didn't line it - you know, it didn't even occur to me to line it! Got fabric drying on washing line ready for next makes - including the anchor print for the exposed zip Megan. Looking forward to seeing your Delphine. Maybe one day we'll manage a sewing night... :)

  2. I've got the book and the fabric for my Margot pyjama bottoms. I'm working my way through from beginning to end as I'm a very new sewist. Also, I'm making it on my vintage Harris sewing machine - non-electric! - which was a beautiful and irresistible boot sale bargain. Will definitely be blogging my progress!

    1. Wow. Impressed at the vintage sewing machine adventures! Hope you enjoy making plenty of things with it. Is it similar in appearance to the antique Singers? (I've got a black and gold one)

  3. P.S. Deeply envious of both your dress and bicycle. Both are gorgeous!

  4. NICE BIKE!! So pretty!

    I love that fabric, it works so well with the pattern, but I know I'd walk right past it in a shop. Need to work on my fabric hunting skills!

    And I'm sure Patrick would be very impressed with your derriere haha!

    My copy of the book came yesterday so now I have the fun task of dreaming up fabrics for each of the projects (as if I don't have enough planned already!)

  5. Good for you getting on the bike (and how pretty it is!). I just started cycling with my little boy and he loves it �� The dress is beautiful - love the print and it's a great fit!

  6. Isn't this book great!? I'm going through it chapter by chapter, I've done the Brigitte Scarf and the Margot pyjama bottoms and now I'm on to the Delphine skirt!

    I just love the material you used in your make, the pattern and colours are gorgeous x

  7. Wow I love this dress! The fabric is gorgeous and the silhouette of the dress really suits you. Practical and sassy! A great combination.
    I am inthe middle of making Tilly's Margot PJ's just haven't got around to sewing them up yet.
    Let me know if you and Claire go for a Goldhawk Road fabric hunt - I'd love to join you ; )

  8. I love your version of this dress. I've got mine all cut out waiting to be sewn!