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Thursday 26 December 2013

This is what Christmas morning looked like

Christmas morning in our house
Baby slept soundly and woke just before 7 am (Mummy's Christmas wish was granted).
Feeding baby to the sound of big sisters above, desperate for the big hand to be at the top, so they could go downstairs and see if Father Christmas had been.
Excited thundering down the stairs, quickly followed by squeals of excitement and a request from the littlest big girl for help carrying her stocking back upstairs.
Contents of stockings being unwrapped on our bed and the sweets (hidden at the very bottom) being eaten.
Croissants for breakfast and nibbling some of that ham.
Daddy stuffing the turkey and getting it into the oven (kitchen already having been declared his territory for the day).
Three little girls busily setting up camp in their play tents, whilst I took up my position on the sofa and finished a mug of tea.

The girls like their new play tents, and have now taken them up to their attic bedroom. Although there has been a bit of protest/complaint about not them not being appropriate/big enough for sleeping in, I think they are going to have fun playing with them, so mission accomplished.

Mine are not rigidly the same as the instructions I used as inspiration - they are more than likely more flimsy and not built so well (see yesterday's post about drilling at silly times of the day). Not knowing whether or not they would just be a one day wonder or be destined to become the next big thing, I used the cheapest wood I could find in Wickes (grand total of cost being £10.58, plus fabric, as I already had the paint tester pots). Another alteration I made was to sew some two pence coins into the hems of the tents to weigh them down a bit.

The lady who wrote the instructions has four girls too - called True, Brave, Soul and Glow. Yes, those really are their names.

Meanwhile, the girls have all gone out for a country walk (baby in the rucksack for the first time) with Daddy, so I can enjoy a cup of tea in peace. And, as the Boxing Day TV offerings seem completely rubbish, I am going to do some crochet. Lovely.

Happy Christmas!

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