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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Oh go on then, I'll tell you what the challenge is...


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They are the first thing I used to teach people to make on my courses. A group of total novices would walk through my door, many of them never having even switched on a sewing machine before, and, a couple of hours later, they'd leave with a cushion cover or two, beaming proudly.

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This is a deliberate break from the Great British Sewing Bee, where the contestants are only ever asked to make clothes. Reality is that most of us who sew make all kinds of things - not just clothes. And I wanted to choose a project that anyone can have a go at.

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The theme is over to you - it can either give a nod to the time of year this fundraising evening is taking place, or, reflect the person it is being made for. Each person will leave with a completed cushion to pop on their sofa ready for Christmas. Or to give to that relative that is always tricky to buy for. Or, if you're feeling really generous, you can donate your finished cushion to be sold for charity at the end of the evening.

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The basic kit each will be the same for each contestant, and will include some plain fabric and a cushion insert to fit your cover to. The shared haberdashery will be a bit of a surprise, but will include useful things, such as Bondaweb, for those who fancy using a bit of applique in their designs.

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So there you have it. Time to get on browsing the shops and the internet for inspiration, and start sketching.

Places are limited. You can enter by donating £10 to the Bedford Hospitals Charity here.

Good luck!


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