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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Bedford Sewing Bee, anyone?

Are you in the mood for some sewing fun?

I love watching the Great British Sewing Bee. I once even tried (and failed) to get on it, and, given that the quality of my sewing massively deteriorates when I'm under pressure, that was probably just as well.

I have often thought about how much fun it would be  to have a one off local version of the show. There would be no cameras or Patrick (sadly) - but some great people from my hometown of Bedford, and plenty of other bits we all love about the show. And gin? Would that improve our sewing? Quite likely. 

This coming year I'm going to be running the London Marathon, as part of a team for the fantastic Bedford Hospitals Charity. This has given me the perfect excuse to bring my two hobbies together.

Bedford Sewing Bee Night
Thursday 7th December
7.30-10 pm
Venue to be announced...

The Challenge: 

  • This will be announced on the night. 
  • Participants will receive a basic materials kit to complete the challenge, and will also be able to help themselves to the shared haberdashery. 
  • Participants will have 2 hours to complete the make. 

How to enter:
  • Anyone can enter! The challenge is as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.
  • First come first served basis, by making a £10 donation to Bedford Hospitals Charity - this needs to be done via my Virgin Money Giving donation page
  • Please leave your name and `Bedford Sewing Bee' in the message. Donations aren't eligible for Gift Aid, because you are effectively paying to come to an event and getting something for your donation.
What to bring on the night:
  • £5 contribution to cover the cost of materials
  • Sewing machine and basic equipment
  • Optional  bits and bobs to add to the shared haberdashery (e.g. buttons or trims)
Judging and prizes:

  • If anyone knows Patrick's phone number... 
  • Prizes and judges to be announced.

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