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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Bank holiday sewing plans

Happy bank holiday, everyone! To celebrate, I have knocked £20 off the price of my Complete Beginners' Sewing Course that starts in September. A very nice way to perk up a Monday night, if I do say so myself....

My sewing mojo is back. It all began with a sociable evening of sewing with a couple of friends - gin and tonics, chocolate and a new pattern - the Arielle skirt - to get to grips with. Admittedly, I didn't get past the cutting out stage that night, but it spurred me on to sew some more.

I'm vaguely trying to sew a few plainer things, ready for work mainly, so I have things to go with all the many patterns already taking residence in my wardrobe. The Arielle skirt is a big hit with me - I have got a couple more versions waiting to be made now, just as soon as I work out what sort of buttons I am after for them (probably matching or self-covered, so they go with as many tops as possible).

My current work in progress is my second version of the Butterick 6333 shirt dress. After making the first version - as an intentionally shortened top to be a wearable toile in a basic black broiderie anglaise from my local fabric shop, I am on to the one I have been dreaming of making. I got the inspiration from flicking through the Boden catalogue, and had one of those moments of being able to picture a couple of fabrics I'd recently bought coming together to make my own version.

Jenna Shirt Dress

The false piping is all done - just down the button bands and round the collar. It was one of those things that needed a bit of care - I even abandoned my slap dash ways and did some hand tacking and put in a temporary stitch line to act as a guide for lining up the piping to the main fabric. I'll go into all that in the course, if people want to add this detail in.

With no big plans for the bank holiday, I'm hoping to squeeze in a few hours of sewing, as I'm really enjoying making this version of the shirt dress. The first had been okay, but there is always the slight worry that a new make won't quite work the way you're hoping with the fit. That, and the fact the cheaper fabric I had chosen was a total pain to iron, with the embroidered details wanting to melt themselves to the iron at every stage. The Liberty tana lawn is a joy as ever to work with - easy to iron and sew, and the details of the design delight me, I have to say - I know I will smile when I put this on to wear for work. I got this piece at a half price bargain, making it slightly less wince inducing expensive. The dangerous thing is though, that my logic still considers the over all make very good value (even if the Liberty was full price) when compared to the Boden dress. Sewing your own clothes doesn't always save you money, but it can certainly give you a lot of pleasure, both in the making and the wearing.



  1. Such gorgeous fabric, love the pop of piping colour...

    1. Thanks! You can't go wrong with Liberty, can you?!

  2. The advantage with your Liberty 'investment' is that your garment will be totally unique and will wash and wear beautifully!

    1. I like it - yes, an investment sounds so much better than splurge! ;)