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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Ten Yards From Over The Pond

We all know internet can be a dangerous for your wallet.

One depressingly cold afternoon in January, whilst avoiding doing whatever it was I was meant to be doing, and reading a sewing blog instead, one thing led to another. Before my cup of tea had gone cold, I'd ordered myself some fabric. Not just any fabric - but fabric that took a bit of searching for, and, ended up being ordered from the States. Still, I thought, when you take into account the cheaper yardage, the postage kind of balances out. Until you get stung for customs, before being allowed to be united with your parcel of joy. Oops.

All in, I spent about £100 - call it £120 with customs and zips and buttons and stuff - and I got four dresses for my spend. I've been wearing them all lots over the last few weeks, and so the impulse spending spree doesn't feel too bad a thing to have done now I have made use of all the fabric. Here's a quick run down, left to right:

A Paris themed Lilou dress; a Sew Over It Vintage Shirt dress; and, a couple of Betty dresses.

The Lilou dress is probably the best fit so far on this pattern - partly down to a slight SBA (sob!). The blue dress had to be a contrast top and bottom, as the shop only had a yard of the beach umbrellas - the bottom is a nice navy suiting I bought along with the buttons in my local fabric shop. You can't really see the buttons very well in the photo, but I like the way the paler blue outline ties the whole dress together. The Betty dresses are fun - the sunflower one has the full circle skirt as per the pattern, and the green meadow one has a half circle skirt, which I kind of winged, so I am pleased with how well it worked out. The biggest clanger of a mistake across these makes came on the sunflowers. I underestimated how much fabric a circle skirt would demolish - jumped straight in and cut the skirt, and then didn't have enough to cut the front bodice. After some careful pattern matching, I think I have got away with the unintended front seam. Just goes to show, you never stop making mistakes and learning from them.

On that note, I have started writing about the political stuff that is going on. Nothing particularly insightful, but a way for me to clear my own head after last Thursday. I'd been involved in trying to get my friend re-elected as an MP. He lost his seat. Regardless of your political persuasion, I'm sure you can agree with me that it takes courage to put yourself forward for politics. I'm sad for him on a personal level, and sad for my town, too - I think our result was more down to the national mood than anything lacking in our guy. In fact, going along to the local BBC hustings the week before convinced me of this. Losing feels worse when you don't think the replacement is an improvement. I get that people are angry, and I get that democracy is brutal at times. I know we have it good in this country, and life moves on. Most people aren't that interested in politics outside of election times, which is why I'll keep the politics chat in a separate place, as I know I don't want to read about someone's politics when I have stopped by to look at their awesome handmade dresses. I have had enough of the aggressive hashtags from all sides, and will welcome social media moving on. I'm all for free speech, but you can't unread things - seeing people I follow and admire for their sewing skills joining in with the whole #f***theTories theme lowered my opinion of them and made me feel alienated (I am soft, I know) and so I decided to stay off social media for a bit. I think we can all be polite and do our best not to isolate each other with our politics, no? Rant over. Normal sewing chat will resume in the next post.


  1. Gorgeous summer dresses... love the meadow print. And surely our blogs are just the place for a rant!

  2. Beautiful dresses Janet. I love the Paris print dress it is so pretty!
    Sorry you and your friend were disappointed with the outcome better luck next time perhaps?
    I took a clean break from IG 18 months ago for various reasons and feel happier for it - I still blog but feel it's more in my control and seems to attract a nice bunch x

  3. Great dresses. Re; politics. I am a strong labour supporter and feel passionately about my politics, particularly at a local level. I am glad you have strong feelings for your party too, so many people are apathetic and that is what I
    find depressing and hard to take.

  4. Love the dresses they are just my style. I know what you mean about the custom charges I have had the same happen to me, I try to keep fabric buying low cost so it can be a shock. Regarding the political rants I know what you mean the nastiness has driven me away from some blogs as well and social media. We can all have opinions without being cruel to others who don't agree, we can also keep them out of our sewing spaces like you said! We go there for peace and creativity. Great post. x