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Friday, 28 April 2017

Vintage Shirt Dress

Hurrah for Friday! Another busy week has passed, and I'm really happy that we've got a three day weekend ahead of us to enjoy. My girls are just about in bed, my husband is crashed out, too (having nobly survived a week in which he has in fact been terribly ill, but has soldiered on), and so I have a joyous evening of guilt free sewing in front of me. Tonight, for the first time in a decade, I went back to my old running club, and took part in a speed session. High on the fact I met my target of not being the slowest person there, and, having had a very good time in the process, I am going to try and hold off the biscuits this evening. (Perhaps limit it to single figures...)

A couple of annoying things happened last weekend. Daughter Number Two accidentally broke the prized Harry Potter wand belonging to Daughter Number One. And, our garage was raided, and my lovely mint green bike that I used for getting to work was among the things taken. Things are in perspective again now - the girls are just about back on good terms (until the next disaster), and, although an unwanted expense I could have done without, the new identical twin of the old bike is much shinier.

I've declared that sandals season has started. This means bare legs from now until the end of summer, and no random drops in temperature will hinder me. However chilly my toes may feel, I will not under any circumstances admit to that being the case. As ever, the small things in life delight me, such as a new bottle of nail polish in just the right shade of red, and, the wearing of a dress that has bicycles on it when riding a beautiful bicycle.

I made myself this dress a few weeks ago, on a rare morning at home on my own. It is Liberty lawn (again), fully lined with some cute white cotton with tiny pale blue and turquoise stars on it, to give it the structure I wanted. The main part of the making went smoothly, and I enjoyed my first time with this pattern. I like the way the front bodice is gathered at the shoulders, as I think this looks flattering on. The sizing is a bit generous in my opinion, and I'm glad I veered towards a smaller size than the measurements might have led me to. I went for the sleeveless option and hand finished the bias binding on the inside, and am very pleased with the result. I can definitely imagine making another, but with sleeves, and maybe out of a needlecord or something warmer, for the autumn.

With my time running out, I made the stupid mistake of rushing to finish, and made a couple of silly mistakes - namely, ripping through too far on a buttonhole, and also, I now realise (it took me a while!) that I put the buttons on the wrong side. I'm not that bothered by either - the button hole has been carefully hand stitched back up, and is now hidden by a button anyway, and no one else will notice or care about the buttons being on the wrong way. The dress itself strikes me as very fresh and summery with the white background. I might have a look for a nice red belt to go with it now.

My next dress is cut out and ready to sew, so I'll sign off now and make the most of some free time.

Fancy Bakery on Roff Avenue, Bedford
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If any readers are local to Bedford, you might be interested to know there's a second Sewing Club night happening this coming week at Fancy. It's a casual affair - sewing, cake and chat - you can follow us on Facebook for more updates.

Happy sewing, everyone.


  1. This looks like it will get lots of wear (if only the weather would decide to get a bit more spring appropriate). I love your matching toenail-polish with your Saltwater sandals! This fabric is very pretty and you are right nobody will know about the buttons being on the wrong side!

  2. Love the peek of your new dress... delightful with bike and sandals. How horrible to take your bike, though glad you could replace the beauty. And I do admire your sandal-wearing. I am so looking forward to sandal wearing weather, still a bit chilly for my liking yet!