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Friday, 3 February 2017

Hooray for Friday!

As I type, I am still rather snuffly with a cold. But, I feel pretty jubilant for having got to Friday without a day off work, and, a smile on my face. The prospect of pizza, wine and chocolate in a few hours is also helping.

My students at school were surprisingly nice when greeted with a teacher who could barely speak above a whisper. Teenagers can muster up sympathy, it turns out.

Last Saturday, I had my six monthly jolly down to Goldhawk Road and Liberty. After buying some pretty lawns for Granville shirts and some bright wool blends for Arielle skirts, I thought I was doing well at keeping to budget - until I stumbled into Misan fabrics and saw the mustard wool in the middle of the above photo. It had to come home with me.

On my dining room table, ready to be made into a Megan dress once my girls are in bed later, is some gorgeous sparkly brocade. I thought I'd got myself a bargain when the guy in Classic Textiles said he would let me have it for £4 instead of £4.50 a metre - only to find it in another shop across the road for a bit less. Still, with lining, and a zip, I'm not too disappointed with the prospect of a nice new spring dress for around a tenner. 

Also cut and ready to go is this birdie Granville. This cotton was another Classic Textiles bargain, at £4.50 a metre. Now I have made the pattern several times over, I know I can get a shirt out of just a metre and a half. I'll be sewing this alongside my current Granville Shirt Course gang. I can't decide over buttons - whether to tie myself into colour, or, whether to go neutral with the glass ones. Thoughts?

Once those two makes are finished, next up will be a summer dress. I splurged and bought myself this Betsy print just before Christmas - I just about got away with getting it dried on the washing line today before the sky clouded over. Enough of winter now, I say - I'd like weather for dresses and bare legs, please.


I've been enjoying teaching my sewing courses. With the kettle on, cake out and plenty of chat as the sewing happens, the time always seems to fly by. Last week saw the end of another Complete Beginners' Course and another bunch of lovely ladies looking chuffed with their new skills. I don't think I'll ever tire of teaching people to sew something for the first time - it is so satisfying to share something that you enjoy doing, and to watch others make something they are proud of. I count myself lucky to be doing this - I sometimes find myself wondering whether it would be possible to make a jump and try and grow this side of my life into something a bit bigger. We'll see...

I'm planning a couple of one off `Hooray for Friday!' sewing workshops - the popular knicker workshop is back, and also cute little framed purses. For the first time, I'm going to try and see if people fancy a spot of daytime sewing with me. All the details are here if you want to check them out. And, for one day only, because it's the weekend, well, here's a fiver off... 


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