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Friday, 17 February 2017

Geometric Brocade Megan

I have fallen out of the habit of writing about all the things I sew. But, as I like this dress a lot, and, the inspiration for it came from reading one of my favourite blogs, I thought I'd do a post.

It has been a pretty disappointing half term in this house - a sick bug worked its way though the house.  The low point of the week was when, after a couple of days clear of illness, I was woken to the news someone had been sick again. And worse still, in their bed. Changing beds in the middle of the night is pretty hideous, and, whilst I can now laugh at the comedy of desperately asking another child to run downstairs and fetch a sick bowl so I could empty the large pool of vomit I was trying to hold on the duvet before it spilled all over of the top bunk mattress I was crouched on, it was not funny at 5 am.

Although it has been frustrating to lose time off we'd all been looking forward to, it hasn't been all bad. Thank goodness for the washing machine is my mantra. In the first phase of the house of poorly people, there was a period of 24 hours or so where myself and the eldest girl were the well ones, and everyone else was a bit floppy. We felt bad saying it, but it was nice and quiet, and we had a nice day just the two of us. We hacked back some things in the garden (I have always found balancing on a step ladder and pruning things exhilarating), we played games, and, when popping out to get supplies for the poorly people, we even sneaked in a cafe trip. I think my new necklace must have arrived in the post the day before, because, I also talked the big girl into taking a couple of snaps of me in my new dress.

I am super pleased with this latest Megan dress, perhaps because the brocade is so different to anything else I have. I am not one bit embarrassed about how many versions of the pattern I have in my wardrobe now. There might be tons of other patterns out there, but sometimes it is good to return to old favourites, as you have cracked the fit and wear them lots.

I bought this lovely brocade on our latest Bedford girls hit Goldhawk Road fabric shopping trip - as did a couple of other people with me. Several shops had it - sadly I overpaid a little, but at £4 a metre, who cares. The sparkle in the dress makes it look expensive, but knowing I have only spent a smallish amount on this, I won't hesitate to wear it to school. Sewing for me is about seeing a beautiful fabric and picturing it as something you'd love to wear. I don't keep things for best, because I get much more pleasure out of wearing things on an everyday basis - I feel happy and proud wearing something I have made. Failing unexpected snow, this is what I'll be wearing for my first day back at school.

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  1. I love your new Megan. The fabric really makes it look extra special with the slight shimmer of the gold!