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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Standing room only for Marigold as she goes to Goldhawk Road

Here is a sad story of sewing gone wrong.

You know how it is - you spot a pattern, soon after that, find some fabric you think will be perfect for it, you might even indulge in a impulse buy of some yellow sandals with which to accessorise the outfit you have created in your head. You wait and wait for time to sew. In my case, in a rare act of self-discipline, I prioritised reading books over sewing. And then, decision made, voting done, children in bed, husband out - sewing time. Hurrah! 

Oh, but no. I didn't get the jumpsuit made in one evening, but, I blame the distraction of election night coverage on in the background for the stupid error I made early on in the cutting out that set the fate of this poor version of Marigold. My bum is too big for her. 

So let this be a lesson to you. When making your own jumpsuits, don't underestimate the size of your derriere, and think you will be fine to size down instead of up. And, whilst you're at it, don't take any rash decisions about shortening the jumpsuit - read Tilly's advice first and don't make any big adjustments until the end on your first version. Knowing I needed my jumpsuit to be a couple of inches shorter, I set about adjusting the pattern, by taking some length from the crotch and some from the leg. In the cold light of day, I can see my mistake - of course it is daft to take any length out of the crotch without trying a standard version first, and worse so, when you have already been a bit mean on wriggle room by opting for a smallish size. If only I'd given it a bit more thought first - guess I was just too keen to get to the fun sewing bit. That and the amount I've eaten in the last month without doing all the miles of running I'd been putting in before the marathon. Oops.

So, after a few days for the dust to settle (and my sulk to subside), ruling out the ridiculous options (wearing the jumpsuit as it is but never bending over and/or cutting out cake and chips in order to shrink myself a bit) I am contemplating trying to fix Marigold. 

I am going to carefully unpick the trousers and turn them into harem pants for my biggest girl. She is delighted with the news, and has suggested a neon waistband. Very cool. The bodice fits perfectly, and so, with fabric remnant gods smiling on me, I have just about wangled enough for making shorts to go on the bottom. I will go easy on the seam allowance this time, and am taking inspiration from the Sew Over It Ultimate Shorts/Trousers for how to finish the bottom with a turn up. So that is the plan. Not a disaster anymore, and, as I am always telling other people, I have learnt an important lesson in the process.

This Saturday, I'm going fabric shopping with sewing friends, and I hope I'll find something lovely to make a second Marigold. Once we've finished with Goldhawk Road bargains, the plan is to head to Liberty for posh tea and cakes. It's always nice to make new friends in the sewing community, so please feel welcome to hop along and join in. If you're local to Bedford, we're meeting at the station at 9.30 am. If you'd like to meet us in London, we'll be at the Costa near Goldhawk Road tube at 11.30 am. 


  1. Oh what a pain! That's so annoying when you have sewing mis-adventures.
    Hope you find some lovely fabric on your London trip to Goldhawk Road. I had a rather large splurge on the Liberty sale last week with 40% off some lush fabric so I daren't even go near Goldhawk Road for the fear more fabric will fall into my possession without the funds to pay!!
    Have fun x Caroline x

  2. I hope you found something delightful for the next Marigold. Your short version sounds great! Actually, this marigold looks great from the view you are showing us... though I suppose being able to sit is desirable