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Friday, 13 May 2016

Spotty denim Megan

Happy Friday, friends.

It's been a busy week here - a child's birthday, a couple of evenings of new sewing classes, along with the usual round of activities and washing mountains to conquer in a house with four kids. Highlights were probably the sunshine filled fish and chip supper in the park, and, a successful trip to buy shoes for the toddler of the house. Seriously, don't underestimate how sweet a victory it was - no foot stamping, no tears, and no throwing of one's whole body onto the shop floor.

A saving grace of the toddler who tests my patience more than any class of teenagers ever did, is that she sleeps for a couple of hours every lunchtime. With a Megan dress course in full swing, I felt totally justified in snatching a bit of daytime sewing while she slept. Housework is one thing - with each child that has come along, I've got a bit more speedy at ploughing through jobs that need doing - but there are days when doing something selfish is just the tonic to restore me in time for the after school craziness that goes on around here. Radio 4 on (I'm a secret Archers listener), ironing board out, and sewing machine and over locker both out. I'd made the bodice to this earlier in the week, and so today, just about finished the dress in time for the school run. My six year old snapped me a couple of pictures, as I drank my afternoon tea. Happy days.

Not a lot to say about this version of the Megan. I have had a lot of value for money out of the Tilly Walnes Love At First Stitch - this is my fourth Megan, along with several of the other patterns from the book, too.

After giving my past self a good kicking for not storing the tracing of the pattern in a safe enough place for me to find it again (so annoying when you only have yourself to blame for time wasting), I measured myself, and discovered I was slightly smaller now anyway, and cut a straight size 2, so not so bad. Perks of marathon training. The only tiny adjustment I made was to shorten the shoulders by 1 cm. I have used some stretch denim I bought for about £8 a metre from a shop somewhere on Goldhawk Road (sorry I can't remember which one!). My hairdresser, Collette, was with me (along with my mum and some other sewing friends) and spotted this fabric first, so I kind of have her beady eyes to thank for this. She was using hers for a satchel - so if we ever meet with both our spotty things out, we can enjoy a funny fabric twins moment.

Here's a closer shot, so you can see the fabric a bit better.

I think I'll wear this dress a lot, as it has potential for bare legs or tights. The stretch makes it super comfortable. That's all I have to say about it, I guess.

On a high from the toddler shoe shopping success, still angling for a new pair of summer shoes pour moi, I popped into Planet in the posh arcade in Bedford, and came out with these. I like them a lot. And (spoken like a mum) they are very comfortable. Hello, toes.


  1. This is a lovely version of the Megan dress and it goes really well with your new comfy and stylish sandals!
    I have the book but as yet have not sewn anything from it which is a bit terrible really as I've had it since it was first published.

  2. I have just cut out a Megan in a fairly similar chambray, I hope it turns out as well as yours.

  3. Lovely version. I really like that fabric. Your new sandals look great K xXx

  4. Looks lovely, hurrah for your friend finding this fabric. My oldest doesn't nap anymore I miss those stollen precious hours. Good for you and enjoy you great new dress.

  5. I LOVE THIS! it almost makes me tempted to get my pattern out again!



  6. Yay for new sandals! And yay for a new, gorgeously dotty dress! I love it when I find a pattern that is just right and so very me...