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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Creepy crawly dress

I have had a bit of a fabric splurge. Oops. Am I sorry? Not one bit. 

The first bit of fabric shopping was for someone else. I'd promised to make my niece a dress for her birthday. She is only a couple of weeks older than my own seven year old, so, I predict I might be asked to make a second one for her, now that she has seen this.

Fabric and pattern (girl skater dress) from KitschyCoo
I love the jersey fabrics in KitschyCoo - the first Flashback Skinny Tees I made a few years ago using Amanda's interlock jersey are still going strong, getting handed down the family as each girl grows, so I think the money is worth it.

My next splurge on fabric was some pretty darn amazing stuff for making my race day marathon tights with. Buoyed up by the fun of wearing my toucan tights for a recent half marathon, I want to throw caution to the wind and dazzle the crowd with my legs in Edinburgh. The fabric is now in my possession, but I am forcing myself wait until after I've hit the 20 mile mark in training before cracking on with special kit.

My last splurge was totally on impulse, in a moment of love at first sight between me and the creepy crawlies, as I was having a casual browse on DragonFly Fabrics.

I don't know about you, but I am very much a seamstress who is inspired to make something because of seeing a piece of fabric that really grabs me. I saw this and immediately thought I would like to make a Sew Over It 1940s Tea Dress with it.

I have since bought some ivory coloured crepe de chine from my local shop, and plan to make the dress as two layers, treating the bodice pieces as one layer, and keeping the skirt panels separated so that they twirl nicely. This will be a bit of a challenge. A slow burner rather than a one night sewing fix.

Progress so far is cutting and stitching the front five pieces together. I was round at my friend Pamela's for a sewing night, and, she helpfully had a spotlessly clean kitchen floor (mine has never been so clean) and was very patient about me sprawling out over it as I attempted to cut my breathe on it and it moves fabric out. Starch spray helped a bit, but I am accepting that chiffon is just a very different beast to interlock jersey.

The two layers of chiffon and crepe de chine hang together to make a dress I think will ooze luxury. I am imagining swishing about the place very happily in this, sun shining all the time, and hair looking amazing too, of course.

Mum asked me if I was making it for a special occasion. Um, no, not really (although it will be nice for such times). I'll be just as likely to bring this out for the school run as I will a fancy do.


  1. I love the sweetie top it's lovely!

  2. I agree I am taken with a print and then think what can I make it into. Love the insect print and also KitschyCoo print. Yes you do get what you pay for K xXx

  3. But of course the sun will shine and you will look amazing in your creepy crawly dress! And am looking forward to seeing what fabric you have chosen to wow your fellow runners with...