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Friday, 11 March 2016

Granville Shirt Course

Hello again.

Today I have a brand new course to talk about. The Granville Shirt!

I'd had a `proper shirt' on my mental list of things to make for ages, but, feeling a bit daunted by the challenges posed by plackets and the like, didn't get round to tackling shirts until the start of this year. I wrote about my second version here, and the animal version I'm showing off today is the latest one I have made.

Unlike yesterday's Coco (which I made in an afternoon), a shirt is not a quick thing to sew. But, break it down into chunks - main body and yoke; pockets and flaps; sleeves, plackets and cuffs; button band and collar - and it seems a lot less daunting. I made the plackets on this shirt during a sociable sewing evening with a couple of friends - plenty of tea and cake, and laughter, and just the fixed goal of completing the plackets, and things ticked along nicely (even if my poor friends had to patiently listen to me going on about how much I was enjoying making my plackets at every stage of construction - thanks, guys).

I bought the fabric for this during the day out to Goldhawk Road in January. It was in a shop that had several rolls of Liberty at discounted prices - I spotted this Queue for the Zoo design, and knew I wanted to make a shirt with it. The shop was busy - another lady saw me holding the roll (not much left on it) and asked if I was planning on buying it. Yes I was, but I knew I wanted to head to the basement and check out what was down there, too, so my mum offered to hold it. She stood guard, gripping the roll of Liberty, the whole time I was downstairs - apparently the other lady asked a couple more times if she still wanted it, and Mum just kept hold of it. Ha - mums have their uses!

My next Granville is going to be more fabric bought from the same shop, using some floaty white cotton lawn with an intricate coral pattern over it - but a mere £3.50 a metre (compared to eye-watering £17 I paid for the Liberty) - and I am going to pair it with some grey shell buttons. I think it will be lovely for spring.

Talking of which, what is with the weather?! I went for a run first thing, and the fog was so thick I could hardly see where I was going, and had droplets of frost forming on my fringe. Come on, spring!

If you'd like to join the cake eating, tea drinking, shirt sewing gang, we'll be kicking off on Tuesday 10th May, and you can book your place here.

Thank you if you shared yesterday's post about the Coco. I'd appreciate some shares of this one too - and, of course, your name goes into the #KnickerDrawer again. Good luck for Sunday, if you enter!

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  1. Ah the shirt looks just lovely, Janet. I still have yet to break into the fabric mountain I bought that day. Twas lovely to see you again x