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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Fabric shopping to Goldhawk Road

Hello friends.

January needs something to perk it up a bit, doesn't it?

I have just finished a project, and am pondering what to make next.

I have checked and double checked that Mark can be on Daddy Duty for the day, written this in Sharpie pen on my new kitchen calendar,  and, even made sure there are no annoying engineering works on the trains, so it must be happening...

Fabric shopping to Goldhawk Road
Saturday 30th January 

Meet at 9.30 am  at Bedford Station, or, 11.30 am outside Classic Textiles (1 minute walk from Goldhawk Road tube)

If you haven't been to Goldhawk Road before, this place is every bit as exciting for me as the sweet shop in town is for my girls. Prepare to be a bit excited and overwhelmed by the amount of fabric shops and the vast amount of goodies to be had. If you want my advice, set yourself a budget, get cash out and try and stick to that - this place is so tempting!

I am going to have a think about what I'd like to make over the next few months, ponder a few patterns, and then look forward to a fun day out, stocking up on plenty of supplies.

I know a few of the girls from my recent courses, and, other Bedford sewing buddies are already keen to come shopping for the day - if anyone else reading fancies it and is in a position to get to London for the day, then it'd be lovely to see you there and make some new sewing friends. I'll try and get the low down on a nice place to go and eat and drink - there was a nice bar a bunch of us went to last time, but I can't remember the name of it, so if you have any recommendations, I'm all ears.

Who is coming?


  1. Very tempted, I'd love to meet you in real life. But my husbands job is all travel at the moment and I'm not 100% sure whether he'd be around to take care of the children. I will ask him but not hold my breath!

    1. I'll cross my fingers for you, Louise, as it would be lovely to finally meet in real life!

  2. I love to join you - from Goldhawk Road. It's been too long! x

    1. Woohoo! Was hoping you would read this when I wrote it, CLaire - looking forward to catching up. And shopping!!!!

  3. Hi Janet,

    I live in Kempston and I would like to come. I will be at 9.30 at Bedford Station on Saturday. Im looking forward to it.