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Thursday, 21 January 2016

A very flowery shirt and the benefits of making something twice

Here is my first make of the year - a Granville shirt. It is very flowery, isn't it?!

I made it using Liberty tana lawn (I most definitely have a thing for these prints) and finished it off with some fun looking buttons I found in Fabric World by the bus station. For fun, read childlike. But I like them and think they work well with the flowers to give this shirt a very happy vibe.

I am wearing it today with skinny black jeans, brown Fly boots and, a vest underneath (how very sensible, no?), and it is working well to combat the winter drudge. Wearing this shirt, and glancing down at the beautiful colours in the flowers is making me feel super cheerful on a grey day.

Once you get past the silly amount of pieces there are to cut out (some of them upside down in my case, but who is looking closely at my back, eh?), there is a lot to love in making a shirt. I found myself thoroughly enjoying all the different stages of constructing this. I cannot decide whether I liked making the collar or the plackets on the sleeve best. I am pretty pleased about how the inside looks, all thanks to the over locker my mum gave me for my birthday a few years ago (the photo above is totally for her benefit!).

Learning how a seemingly complex garment like this is constructed is not only fascinating, but also deeply satisfying, too, when you realise you can make it from scratch with your own hands and find yourself feeling joyful as it comes together.

I can heartily recommend making a shirt like this in Liberty tana lawn - it behaves so beautifully when you come to iron the different corners in place and end up with nice crisp results. I half wish I hadn't waited for the second version to use the expensive material, as I think this is what helped make it look so much nicer than my first.

For me, this shirt is a great example of why it is worth making something more than once. My sewing has improved because I understood the instructions and processes better second time round. My last version has hardly been worn because of the sleeves being too long, and I have lacked the motivation to change them. This time round, I shortened the body by a couple of inches, as well as the sleeves. The joy of sewing something for yourself is getting the perfect fit, and I feel this version has achieved just that.

I'm pretty proud of the overall result and want to make another - partly to see if I can improve a bit more next time, and, also because there are many many more lovely prints to enjoy finding buttons for and turning into shirts that make me smile.


  1. Beautiful, what a lovely shirt. You will treasure this for years.

    1. Thanks, Louise. Yes, I am hoping so, too. Having made knickers from the same kind of fabric, I know the colours will hold up to lots of washes. I just need to make sure I stay the same size, eh?!

  2. Beautifully made! And love the January-will-be-cheery fabric

    1. Thank you. The weather is even more dreary here today - as my shirt is in the wash now, I think I feel justified in planning to own more than one in this kind of happy print.

  3. What a gorgeous shirt!! As you say perfect for brightening up otherwise dull winter days!! The complexity of making a shirt still scares me - perhaps one day....

  4. How did I miss this? Totally stunning shirt darling, it's beautiful! You're skills know no end! X