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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Don't mention the C word, it's only September

Hello readers.

I've just finished making another covered notebook. If you've seen my previous posts on the subject, you'll know that this year I have set myself a challenge to raise money for WaterAid and The Salvation Army, by making notebooks to order.

This notebook was ordered by Suzy for her friend's birthday. Suzy told me that her friend likes bold florals, and that she is arty, and, called Louisa. I found some Liberty print that I thought fitted the brief, and customised a co-ordinating tea cup, before sewing it on to the cover, along with a cute little velvet bow to finish things off.

This was the 69th notebook I have made so far in 2015. Each one has been different - you can see them all on my kitchentablesewing Instagram feed.

Now that I've gone past my original target (which was 50), I'd like to see if I can get to twice that amount before the end of the year. It could be that someone reading feels like being uber organised with Christmas - this might be a nice gift for that person who is always tricky to buy for.

The way it works is pretty simple. Each notebook is made to order - you can have what you like on it. People email me their ideas, telling me who it is for (lots of the ones I've made so far have been birthday presents), and giving me ideas to go on. A £10 donation is made to the charities here, and then a separate £5 payment is made to me using Paypal, to cover the costs of whatever lovely fabrics have been chosen, and, the notebook itself. 

Talking of fabrics, I have quite a few to draw upon, if you give me general ideas of colours and style, and are happy to trust me to choose for you. But, if you have something really specific in mind, and aren't in a hurry, then please say in your email. The whole point is to end up with something you really like. I will look to keeping things relatively simple, and stick to just two suppliers for postage reasons - Fabric Rehab and Liberty fabric from Alice Caroline. I dare you to have a peek - there is so much to choose from, and something to suit even the hardest to buy for relative. 

With a view to Christmas orders, I'll make Tuesday 20th October my deadline (this gives me half term to make them, and, enough time before that to order specific fabrics). 

If you have already been one of my #notjustanothernotebook supporters, then thank you. You have made it possible for me to turn an hour of my time here and there into a charity pot that looks pretty decent, with £891.25 so far. Thanks for trusting me to make you something nice! :)

Want a notebook?

1. Email me at kitchentablesewing@gmail.com
2. Donate £10 here to WaterAid and The Salvation Army
3. Use Paypal to cover my costs


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