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Friday, 29 May 2015

Yes, I used my dress making scissors to cut my own fringe (again)

Hello. How is it Friday evening already? Half term almost over. The house is a bomb site, but, it has been a pretty relaxing week for us all, featuring a couple of looooong games of Monopoly and a couple of viewings of the film Oliver (followed by all the songs being sung all the time).

This week, I also gave in and admitted to myself that the professional looking photos I have been picturing in my head, of me modelling this latest dress (in a non awkward looking manner) in the beautiful lush surrounds of the natural meadows at Bedford Park were never going to happen. 

What you are about to see instead are pictures taken by my older two girls, in my vegetable patch (still called Gertie, in case regular readers are wondering). They balanced the camera on a stool and argued about who should take the photos. I look awkward, of course.

Before I talk about the dress, let's have a word about how Gertie is, shall we? This has been an exciting month. After what has seemed like a long waiting period, peering at the soil and wondering will the seeds work or won't they, more or less everything has burst into life. I am most excited about the strawberry plants. We might actually get some fruit from them this year!

The eldest girl can be smug for two reasons. Not only has the lupin she planted last year made an appearance back again, but, her sweet pea is the first out of all the flower seeds planted this year to produce a flower. This makes her happy. 

So, here is the dress. I know - after putting some lippy on to make an effort for these pics, I am still a rubbish model, but, I really like my new dress, so what the heck, eh?

When Funkifabrics contacted me to ask if I'd like to have some fabric to review, this was the one that leapt out at me - it is called Poppy Meadow, and looks exactly like a real life meadow. I adored the combination of colours so much that I decided to take a brave leap and make an entire dress out of it.

The fabric is 80% Polyester and 20% Elastane, and as a result hangs really nicely. The Sew Over It Cowl Dress came to mind, and I set about slinging it into the washing machine to get it ready for sewing.

TS189 Poppy Meadow
Poppy Meadow
Funkifabrics digitally print fabric designs to order, and I'll be honest and say that the chemical whiff that came off the fabric when it arrived made me a bit dubious. I needn't have worried, as this disappeared after one wash. Since making the dress, I have worn and washed it several times, and am really impressed with the quality of the fabric and how vibrant the colours have remained. It feels good on, and, earns extra brownie points for being impossible to crease - hurrah! (I bet I am not the only one this will apply to, but this massively increases how often I wear something, as it won't get lost inside the airing cupboard, awaiting ironing...)

As for the pattern, I like that, too. Just like the Tilly and the Buttons Coco, Sew Over It need congratulating for designing a dress that feels like you are wearing a nightie. People may look at you and see a dress and think you are making an effort above and beyond the mum uniform of jeans and a top, when actually, the guilty secret is that when pushed for time getting four children out of the house to school, this thing takes seconds to throw on with a pair of sandals.

Now, talking of my four lovely children, how many of them do you think shared my excitement at noticing the lettuces are ready to be munched inside a cheese and ham sandwich? Yep. You guessed about right. I am so excited by the sight of these lettuces, though. Aren't they beautiful? Just amazing to think they grow all by themselves, with one teeny tiny little seed. I felt the need to remark several times over how they reminded me of the taste of the lettuces my grandparents used to grow when I was little. They are a pain to clean though, and that also reminded me of seeing my grandmother rinsing leaves in the sink.

Here's my rocket, which is the only other thing ready to eat now. And it grows so blooming fast! I was wondering what to do about the fact it is getting a bit too tall and stemy, but I think I have figured out the answer for myself now, which is, to be a bit more brutal wen picking it. I'd been picking leaves only, up until yesterday, but now have taken to picking half way down the stem, and also pinching out the beginnings of flowers. If you have any tips on rocket, I'd love to hear them!

Sophie's first sweet pea flower
There's enough of this fabric left for a second pair of Fehr Trade Duathlon Shorts. As I've been happily wearing my toucan ones for a few weeks now, I think it is about time to treat the other park users to a different feast of colour, don't you? I am excited to be told that Funkifabrics have plans to produce technical sports fabrics and are working with Melissa (from Fehr Trade patterns) on this. Watch this space...


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who leaves things to be ironed! I hate ironing x

    1. There are always a million and one more appealing things to do, eh?!

  2. Yes to being brutal with Rocket or it will bolt and go to seed. Keep it watered too.
    Great dress, I like the look of this pattern I think that neckline is so flattering. Very pretty fabric too, so summery.

    1. Yes, I will continue to be brutal from now on. With rocket, that is... I am enjoying the dress too. Only recently discovered cowl necklines and realised I like the way they look on me. Actually very easy to sew, too, so that's a bonus. Just have to watch out for leaning over and flashing at people, ha ha!

    2. Oh hadn't thought about flashing! Vest top underneath!

  3. I think you make a pretty amazing model, actually! And I adore this fabric. I made a cowl top for the Christmas Do's that was similar to this dress (except, you know, shorter, and spangly).