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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

#NotJustAnotherNotebook update

As I sat down to sew my latest notebook order, it occurred to me it has been quite a while since I've posted an update on how things are going on the charity sewing front. Oops!

I am still feeling the notebook love. I like it when people give me specific things to go on, as this allows me to challenge myself to design them a notebook that will really suit the taste of the person it is for, and, I hope, be something that is treasured.

This notebook is a birthday gift, from one best friend to another. The lady in question has a black cocker spaniel (called George) and loves vintage style. The words were chosen for her by her friend when she contacted me.

I'm bored of blogging monthly updates about every single notebook. So, I'll stop by every once in a while and give you a peek of what's happening, and a gentle nudge to say I'd love you to bear my little project in mind when thinking of what to give loved ones for birthdays. 

This is notebook number 61. Wow. Thank you to every single person who has trusted me to make them something they will like. And, for helping raise a whopping £818.75 for WaterAid and The Salvation Army. 

Funnily enough, I got a phone call from a lady at The Salvation Army just a while ago - she wanted to tell me about the effort the charity is putting into supporting victims of human trafficking. Crikey. That is a million miles from my world of pretty vintage fabrics. 

If you'd like to see all the notebooks as they are made, you can follow the making here - come and say `hello' on Instagram. Bye bye for now.


  1. Just checked out you instagram and I'm following you now x
    Things are going really well for your NJANB adventure. I spy a vintage pillowcase fabric in the most recent notebook. It makes me feel really good when I spot a fabric that I donated x
    Keep up the great work and keep enjoying MMM 2015 x

    1. Oooo, will have to hunt you down on there too. Are you enjoying MMM? Was saying to Claire that it's about time we hit Goldhawk Road again. And I love that yellow rose fabric, although not a lot left now, so I will have to be creative with how I use it...

    2. Yes I think a Goldhawk Road meet up is long overdue! Let's fix a date. Your fundraising is fantastic Janet - really brilliant. It's about time I put an order in myself x

    3. Will check calendar and email you both. No rush on ordering a notebook - you've got all year... 😉 But thanks for being supportive. X

  2. Oh my, you are doing brilliantly! Gorgeous notebooks, and what an amazing amount!

    1. Thanks, love! Doesn't feel like a big deal when I just make a notebook every once in a while, but the total is suddenly seeming like a nice amount now.

  3. That yellow floral fabric to to die for! :-) Just lovely - and what an awesome amount to raise for charity! Go you! x