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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Delphine Skirts (and matching toes!)


Are you like me, and keen to get the sandals on at the first glimmer of sunshine?

Delphine skirt worn with Tonic Tee
I made these Delphine skirts from Love at First Stitch almost a month ago now, and have been waiting for some weather warm enough to justify bare legs so that I could wear them.

 I really like the pattern - it is a flattering little number, that is perfect to show off some lovely prints and get you in the mood for summer. I've also got a warmer version planned, using the remnants of green cashmere wool I have leftover from making my coat - but, who wants to sew a winter skirt when spring is here and picnic season is beginning, eh? (Yep, that little project is all cut out and may only need a few short hours to be sewn, but it isn't going to see the light of day for a good six months now!)

Yippee for cake at Fancy
I made these skirts during a couple of delightful sewing nights round at friends' houses. I feel very lucky to have friends who sew (and I promise it's not just because of the yummy treats they normally have ready to be eaten during our sewing nights!). Although this was my first time making the pattern, the construction was pretty similar to other zipped skirts I have made, and so the Delphine lived up to my expectations as an ideal thing to sew and enable me to chat with friends. By total fluke, the pattern matching on the waist band and the skirt on looks pretty good to me - yay!

 I lined both skirts with some white cotton, and think this gives them a nice quality and structure.

I am such a fan of the Delphine that I have chosen it as the pattern for the next set of sewing classes round my kitchen table.

Two places have been snapped up already, leaving another three for whoever would like to join us. If you're a Bedford local and would like to learn how to make yourself a skirt, then I'd love to hear from you. As with all of my courses, the atmosphere will be relaxed and friendly, with plenty of tea and cake to fuel your sewing adventures. Here's where to find out more and book. 

I wore the green skirt when I went to my friend Liz's birthday get together at Fancy. I was the first to arrive - check out how fabulous Liz looked as she sat knitting, waiting for her friends to turn up. Liz had a little surprise up her sleeve - she decided to mark her birthday with carefully thought out `little acts of kindness' gifts for each of us. How lovely, huh? Needless to say, I was super excited to open up a large bag full of fabric. First to get turned into something will be the leopard print cotton. Think cropped Ultimate Trousers.

On that note... Bye bye for now!


  1. How lovely of Liz to have given you all presents! She looks like a super-cool lady.
    Your skirts look brilliant; the cut of the Delphine showcases prints really well indeed.
    I have just spotted your green cardigan and you were right it is a dead-ringer for the red cardi I got on Berrick street. If you get bored halfway through the summer I would be up for a sweater-swap!

    1. Hey, Caroline,
      Yes, super cool is a good description of Liz.
      I can see myself making several more Delpines, as the pattern lends itself so well to prints.
      Am definitely up for that cardigan swap. Will email you potential dates for fabric get together in London... And see who else I can rustle up. 😊

  2. Beautiful skirts (and I love the Cardigan too!) How thoughtful of your friend :)

    1. Thanks! You can't beat a good cardigan, eh?! 😊 Only wish my knitting skills would stretch that fat, but the occasional scarf is about all I have patience for. Hope you are well?

  3. Your skirts are totally fab! I love your fabric choices! I have yet to make anything from love at first stitch - I think the delphine just moved up my sewing list!!

    1. Thanks! Go for it with a Delphine
      It is the perfect little make in an evening project, and so good for showing off some great prints that catch your eye... So many things to make, so little time, huh?! 😊

  4. Beautiful skirts, I am halfway through a Delphine as I type! A lovely quick project. I am very jealous of you having sewing evenings with friends. That would be my idea of heaven.

  5. What lovely friends you have! Gorgeous skirts... and so impressed that you managed to make these during friends-and-sewing eve - the last one I went to I spent so long chatting to lovely friends I only managed to sew a few patches onto P's blanket. And one of those was distinctly wonky.

  6. Hey well done on winning the SOI monthly competition! Nice work there Janet ; )