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Friday, 13 March 2015

Oh hello, Spring - it's lovely to see you again

The arrival of Spring hits me like bumping into an old friend I haven't seen in ages and am delighted to see again. I don't know why I feel so taken aback and happy when it happens - it is not like it is a new thing on me - but I do. This last week, I have taken delight in lots of little things, like being able to hang washing out on the line, and enjoying spending time outside without wishing I was back inside, clutching a large mug of tea. Even the fact I only really had a couple of weeks of wearing my newly finished coat before the weather warmed up enough to leave the house without it cannot stop me loving this time of year when it shows up.

I was lucky enough to greet two groups of beginners to my classes this week.We're going to be moving on to making a beginner friendly skirt. I thought we'd spend a bit of time making a little something from my scraps before cutting into their actual skirt fabric - here are the little phone sleeping bags they'd made by the end of their first lesson. We had no pattern, just traced round their phones, leaving 1.5cm wriggle room, and sandwiched some contrasting outer and lining fabrics with some bamboo batting. This was an ideal little project that buoyed everyone up and enabled them to leave thinking that sewing is something they can do. Yay!

 We're going to start making our Kelly Skirts next week - I've made myself a new one to have on my dummy as a sample. I've had to be patient over finishing it - it took me a bit of trawling to find the right buttons. Who'd have guessed finding something to go on light blue chambray would be so tricky? In the end, after trawling my local shops and finding nothing pleasing - having no specific idea in mind is sometimes an impossible task - I tried searching `vintage buttons' on Ebay, and quickly found just the thing. I hope I still think the buttons are just the thing when they arrive...

This is my latest fabric to sew with. I've bought jersey from Dragonfly Fabrics before and liked it, so I felt confident ordering more from there for making the new SewOverIt cowl top.

Buying this pattern and fabric gave me just the motivation I needed to stop being a baby about my overlocker. Mum bought it for me as a surprise birthday present a couple of years ago - I've used it on and off, but have been known to sulkily put it back in its box for long periods of time whenever it has come unthreaded and Mum is not on hand to help. Last weekend, I finally got the instructions out and took the time to calmly rethread the whole thing. I think it helped that I set myself that as my goal, and nothing else - no sewing, just to conquer (well, sort of) The Beast, as I call it.

Hurrah. Yes, that is a threaded machine you see before you.

Hello, Gertie - we meet again. Ready for a spruce up?
So, here's my five happy things I am going to do for me this weekend:

1. Sew another top - and maybe the buttons on my skirt if they arrive in time

2. Spend time outside - hopefully a run (feeling well and winter lurgy free for first time in months - yippee!); head out somewhere with the girls, and, plant my five seed potatoes

3. Bake and eat bread - the white variety you can slice into great thick slices, in case you're wondering

4. Call a friend that I haven't spoken to in ages

5. Step away from social media

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you get up to!

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  1. Hope you had your lovely weekend... and that the over locker and buttons behaved. So happy for spring and attacking the garden!