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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Matching mummy and daughter strikes again!

At the end of the summer, I made myself a Skater Dress. I'd got a couple of metres of lovely campan jersey for the dress, and still had some to spare once it was made. I spotted that Kitschycoo (who designed the pattern) had a free baby version on her blog. I printed it out and the cheap skate in me felt delighted that I had enough fabric to make a mini me version. Hurrah!

I cut it out. And then... well, decided it wasn't such an exciting prospect to make after all, and got distracted by other makes. And so the pieces of this little dress have sat, scrunched up in a ball in my sewing box, waiting to be made. 

My inspiration to finally make the thing came last week whilst watching the GBSB final.

There was a lovely piece to camera of the family of the contestant who went on to win, with his wife proudly telling the nation about the brilliant dresses her husband makes her, and, the occasional matching versions that get requested by their daughter. Ha. Not going to care about the possibility of it being twee any more, time to get sewing that little dress before she grows too big to wear it, I thought to myself.

So there. Not only has Matt flown the flag for blokes and sewing, made women up and down the country jealous of his wife and the clothes he lovingly sews her - he has also given us all his verdict that matching outfits are in fact magic and not tragic. Well done, that man!

So, I give you my latest mini me piece of sewing. The gorgeous little Charlotte - who is becoming cheekier by the day, and completely lights up my mornings by greeting me with "Cuggle, Mummy!" as she throws her arms around my body in a snotty embrace (I could do without the snot, to be perfectly honest, but she has a cold at the moment...).

Last weekend I got a couple of Sew Over It cowl tops made and got the vintage buttons onto my Kelly Skirt - I failed to get any pictures of them in action before they ended up in the washing basket. Let me just say that the vintage buttons are pretty special (am just hoping they don't require special hand washing attention on account of their elderly status).

The girls and me have been carrying out a spring clean of their drawers, working out what fits and what doesn't - negotiations over what can and cannot be handed down to siblings have begun, but aren't over yet. One incentive for the biggest girl has been the promise of a couple of new short sleeved t shirts, using - yes, you guessed it! - leftovers from my cowls. Lucky girl. Ha, ha. Aged eight, she still thinks it is magic and not tragic to have your mum sew your clothes, and, to occasionally have something that matches. I will make sure I get at least one photo of the pair of us together to stash away and bring out when her first boyfriend comes round (which, if her dad has any say in matter won't be until she is 21 - but that dear readers, is another story).

As there's no more Sewing Bee, I'm consoling myself by going to my local for Get Your Stitch On tonight. Think I'll probably take some crochet squares to work on while I gossip away with friends.

Here are the details, in case you happen to be local to Bedford and fancy coming:

Get Your Stitch On!
The Burnaby Arms, Stanley Street, Bedford
7.30 pm onwards


  1. I love yours & Charlottes matching dresses! And excited to hear about the sew over it cowl neck tops!! I'll be there tonight, also bringing crochet squares! X

  2. Oh, these certainly are magic! I do admire the way you casually mention that you made multiple makes last weekend... and sewed on some buttons. I do believe you should have been on the sewing bee!

  3. Cute. I wish my local did craft nights, too fun beer and sewing my fave!

  4. I missed this post and had been unaware of the matchyness, but you know that I approve, having sewn three spotty skater/coco dresses last year. At these one spotty dress has been outgrown already, so I need matchy sewing round 2 I think :-)