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Friday, 16 January 2015

Sewing with friends

Happy Friday, everyone!

For some reason, this week seems to have gone by very slowly, and I am not sure why. It's weird how our perception of time varies, isn't it? Charlotte's down for a sleep, having worn herself out trotting around at playgroup, and I am taking time out to do nothing much in particular, before the chaos of school run. We have an extra four children coming for tea - this week it's the turn of my five year old to invite her friends over, so it'll be fish fingers and chips, followed by iced doughnuts all round.

On Tuesday, I spent a lovely evening round at my friend Charlotte's house, stitching with her and another friend, Christina. I had half planned to take my coat lining to work on - I plan to quilt the lining with Bamboo batting for extra warmth. As it turned out, I couldn't get hold of the batting in time, so I opted to take this cushion to finish off instead.

I'm glad I did. I think I need to keep my coat adventures to evenings when I can concentrate fully and spread out. Tuesday night was full of gossip, blueberry and marzipan muffins (thanks, Charlotte) and chocolates, as the sewing kind of happened in the background.

I'd made the front to the cushion a month or so ago, following a trip to John Lewis where a big ball of mustard coloured wool caught my eye. I had no fixed plan in mind, apart from knowing it was a colour that would go down well with my best friend (and me, for that matter - so if you don't like the cushion, Sang... just saying).

It's just as well I didn't take my coat to start. Look at how wonky the patch work is! Anyone would think I went about this project without a proper plan, cutting mat or ruler...! The best bit is, I have loads of the fabrics left. They go perfectly with the colours of my newly painted dining room walls. I have had an idea for making a picture to go on the wall. We'll see... (must focus on one thing at a time - the coat - and not start multiple projects,,,).

Last night I used a tutorial from Tilly and the Buttons to make a Tailor's Ham and Sausage. Wow, did they take a lot of stuffing. Pleasingly so, as I'd had a clear out of (one of my) sewing cupboard, and accumulated a bag of non-usuable random tiny scraps, that I'd held on to for goodness knows why. So I am a step closer to having all my supplies in place for my tailoring adventures. Next, to order some self cover buttons.

Any how. That's the sewing that's gone on this week (apart from notebooks, but more on that another time). Mum measured me (crikey, what a lot of measurements are needed when making a coat) when she was last up, so when my batting arrives, I'll no doubt procrastinate a bit more over actually cutting into my lovely coat wool and silk. Eek. I bet I am not the only person to feel a bit nervous before starting a big project.

Back to the subject of sewing with friends, this is kind of a new year's resolution for me. To do more of it, that is. Admittedly, an easier one to stick to than fitness related goals (currently have legs that want to go back to bed after a ridiculously short amount of time using Davina's latest 7 minute DVD).

The plan I have come up with is for a once a month Stitch and Bitch at my local pub, The Burnaby Arms. If you're a local to Bedford, please pop along and have a catch up over a glass of something nice.

STITCH AND BITCH (and optional fabric swap)
Thursday 22nd January, 8 pm
The Burnaby Arms, Stanley Street, Bedford.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh bowsers Janet - that cushion!!!!! Sang is a very lucky lady :-) and clearly had impeccable taste! :-) Looking forward to hearing more about the fabric picture idea for the dining room (swooning at the thought of your fab dining room - that light!!) Also equally as excited to follow your tailoring adventures with the coat, eeek, it will be blooming marvellous! I'll definitely be at the stitch & bitch, looking forward to a glass of red, and deciding what craft project to work on next! :-) xxx

  2. LOVE that cushion!! I fell at the last hurdle with my crochet blanket and took Judit up on her lovely offer to edge and block it for me (else it would have been a wip forever!!) but I'm thinking maybe I can manage a coordinating cushion to go with it. I'd love a go at this pattern, if you can share? :-) x

  3. Hi Janet! I really love the flower cushion. Would you be able to share the pattern at all? If I was still living in Bedford I would love to come along to The Burnaby Arms.. might have to start a session here in Suffolk! Hope you are well. Anna (Ashton).

  4. Hello, girls. Thanks for the lovely comments about the cushion. I used the Peony block instructions from 200 Crochet Blocks book by Jan Eaton. Huge hook and very chunky wool! It's a great book - a friend gave it to me, and I have made several things using the patterns. Hope you're all well. Yes, Anna, it would have been lovely to see you at Stitch and bitch if you were still here in Bedford. I've just picked a night, and am hoping people come! 😊

  5. Love the sunny cushion... both sides! The last making eve with friends I took a few portable projects, and ended up just sewing some patches onto my little boys camp blanket. Glad this is all I attempted, as when examined later they are decidedly wonky!

  6. Love the cushion, would've loved to have come along to the stitch and bitch but only just seen this, definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for the next date x