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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Fabulous fabrics for notebook making

Check out what the postlady delivered yesterday! Two parcels full of fabulous fabrics.

It was perfect timing, as I had just sat down to do a spot of lunch time notebook sewing while Charlotte slept.

Parcel number one was no surprise. Using some of the start up cash my friend donated, I ordered a selection of fat quarters from Fabric Rehab. Even though I knew what should be in the parcel, I still gave a little squee of excitement when I could see and touch these lovely fresh designs for myself.

Bunch of Budgies, Linen Mochi Dot (grass and mocha), Vintage Mini
I have taken some pictures, so that anyone reading who might be interested in owning their own #NotJustAnotherNotebook can take their pick and let me know which ones they'd like me to use.

Keep it Sassy, Essex Linen (putty and aqua), Polka Dot Stars (yellow)
I can imagine picking out indivdual parts of this and using it as part of a design...

Foxes and raccoons, and polka dots in green, with some rockets and stars for good measure. Need I say more? (Reminds self that I am making notebooks for other people...)

Friendly Forest
In an effort to convince the world notebooks are not just for us girls, here's an alternative to flowers and woodland creatures...

Skater Boys, Illustrated rockets (orange), Comic Strip - Star Wars, Japanese mini racing cars
 And now back to the woodland theme. Love. It. All.
Utopia (urban sprawl), Elk Grove (in the trees), Linen Mochi Dot (mocha)
Utopia - Paradise Dwellers (vivid), baby cord (red), Avant Garden Flowers Cherry Linen
Scandi Woodland Pistachio, Tonal Chevrons (grey)
Parcel number two came from my sewing blogging friend Caroline. Check out the amazing shirt dress she has just made. She had kindly offered to send me some scraps for notebook making, and here is what her wonderful parcel contained.

Caroline's gorgeous fabric parcel
I wasted no time in using some of the pretty vintage prints in the ice cream notebook I was half way through making. I think the fabrics really finish the design off as something truly one of a kind, so thank you, Caroline.

Again, please say if there are favourites you spot. I think mine have got to be the classic ginghams at the bottom left of the photo - old tablecloths belonging to Caroline's grandma. It'll be lovely to reuse them.

That's it for today. I'm up to nine finished notebooks now, and have three orders waiting to be made. I feel grateful to the people who have jumped in and ordered, not really knowing what they are getting, but trusting me to make them something nice.

I have started recording the completed ones on Instagram (my name is notjustabothernotebook) and Twitter (@kitchentablesew), should you fancy having a peek. For the time being, here's my current favourite...

Notebook #8 - for Kally (who likes ice creams and the colour purple)
If you'd like a notebook, click on the link to the right of this (you need to be on full web version), donate, and email me with ideas on the the sort of thing you'd like.

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  1. Hey - wow that got to you quick and I'm so happy that you liked the contents of your surprize parcel. I'm very impressed that the vintage fabrics have been used already! I think the ice-cream is awesome.
    I have a few more bits and bobs that you might like - so I'm happy to send them on in a month or so x
    The vintage tablecloths are so cute aren't they!