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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Hibernating (with Liberty and Ric Rac)

Days like today make me feel like hibernating.

The weather outside is drizzly and grey. Not proper rain, where you put on wellies and join the children in puddle splashing, but the annoying just damp with no fun attached variety. In fact, the very opposite of fun, as Charlotte howled the whole way to and from school this morning. She strongly dislikes being underneath a rain cover, and felt the need to share this with the world in the way she knows best.

And so, we are not going out. We have played inside, listened to music, banged drums, and emptied cupboards, and stopped for tea (for me, not her) and toast and jam.

Now that she's in bed, I'm getting on with my own indoor fun, and putting together kits ready for my workshops. I've finally finished fiddling about with different combinations of fabrics and trims, and have my samples ready.

There's some old favourites making a comeback (puddings), some designs that I've tweaked (trees, houses and stockings for chocolate coins), and a new comer (cheeky robin). The common thread this time is that all the decorations feature Liberty of London prints somewhere in them.

I am developing a thing for Liberty fabrics. I won't admit this to my husband, but I dreamt about having a room filled with bookshelves stacked with tana lawn. Not wishing to remortgage my house, I am happy to settle for a few Christmas decorations with these pretty prints instead.

My eldest girl spied the samples over breakfast this morning, and we've agreed on a Sewing Club after school today. When you are 8 years old, an activity can be doubly exciting if you declare it to be a club. (The reality for me will be different, I know, as I will be trying to help thread needles and soothed pricked fingers for three girls with a baby keen to join in too.)

Here's the link if you'd like to come along to a workshop.


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  1. Those Christmas decorations look adorable! Love the little stockings x