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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Chevron Sofa Snooze Quilt

It's Sunday night. In this house, that means crumpets for tea, bath and hair washing, the Strictly Results Show, and ushering the girls up to bed. I'm currently lying on the sofa underneath a blanket, with the Antiques Road Show on in the background. It is not cold enough to put the fire on. Apparently.

Enter this quilt, which I finished a couple of weeks ago. Having almost finished sewing all the triangles together, it then got bundled up and spent six months unfinished, taking up space in my fabric cupboard. Who wants to make a blanket when it's warm outside and there are summer dresses you could make and get satisfaction from wearing instead? When the weather got colder again, I felt motivated to get on and finish it.

I didn't really follow a pattern as such - although I was in part inspired by a triangle based quilt in Mollie Makes, but that one didn't arrange the triangles to form chevrons.

With no fixed plan beyond a vague idea of chevrons and colours to blend in with what we already have in the front room, I set about ordering a selection of prints that took my eye from Fabric Rehab. The back of the quilt is made from some soft needlecord I spotted at half price in John Lewis.

I was probably drawn to the glasses print because some of the frames are a bit like my own that I wear (I am as blind as a bat without them). 

This cheeky photo bomber has discovered the fun of reaching and grabbing my glasses off my nose. She's becoming much more interesting in general. One of my current favourite things she does is to enthusiastically call my husband "Mummy!", with the kind of knowing grin that demonstrates she is probably doing it to wind him up (she can say `daddy').

But the real headline news in her world is that she can now walk. I am sure part of the reason it has taken her so long is that her sisters would cheer her every time she stood up. She took this as a sign of success, promptly bumped back down onto her bottom, and soaked up all the attention she was getting. Why bother walking when you have adoring fans, who will fetch things for you if you point and grunt, she no doubt concluded.

I think the experience of coming into contact with others her age at various groups, and having them dash and grab toys from under her nose, is what pushed her to be convinced of the value of walking. She is tremendously pleased with herself!

Anyhow, back to the quilt. I'm pretty happy with how it has ended up. Some of the points on the triangles are better than others, but the few blunt corners don't bother me. I am pleased it is finished and in use, and no longer making me feel guilty for abandoning it into the cupboard unfinished for so long.

Burda 7020
Last weekend, I met up with some sewing girls I'd met at a bloggers' meet up earlier on in the year, and we had fun fabric shopping together on Berwick Street.

At midnight the night before, I ordered a pattern to make that coat I'd been telling myself I'd make for ages. And the following morning, having arrived a bit early, I wandered into the first shop and ended up seeing some green wool and Liberty silk that matched that were discounted as end of rolls, and bought them both. Eek!

Watch this space.

Actually, don't do that, as it'll be ages before I even take the pattern out of the packet, let alone cut into the lovely (and still frighteningly expensive) bundle of cloth. I have Frozen outfits, and a few more samples and preparation of kits for my Christmas workshops to get going on first. Talking of which, both are getting nicely booked up, but with a few more spaces still going spare, should you happen to be in the Bedford area and like the idea of festive hand sewing over seriously good cake...

Fancy Bakery, Roff Avenue, Bedford - location for my Christmas Workshop
...or getting cosy in a great local pub, with mince pies and mulled wine included in the price of the sewing workshop (will this help our stitching or not, I wonder...). I'll be posting pictures of the different decorations available to make - so if you're booked on either workshop, and have a favourite, just let me know, and I'll make sure I reserve you the kit of your choice.

The Burnaby Arms, Stanley Street, Bedford - location for the second workshop
That's it for now. I hope you have a happy start to the week!


  1. Love the chevron quilt - it looks so cosy.
    Great news about the walking from your littlest one.
    It was great seeing you last weekend. Good luck with your decorations workshops - they look super fun!

  2. I love the quilt! I've been saving special bits of the girls' clothes tomake a quilt, but not built up the courage to start it yet ��

  3. That's a lovely quilt I love the yellow and purple together!
    Congratulations on the baby walking!

  4. I love the quilt - and I'm still sad about missing out on the Berwick Street meet-up. Babies don't stay babies for long, do they? Sniff x

  5. This is such a lovely quilt! Nice Fabrice:)