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Monday, 6 October 2014

From Beginners to Bag Ladies - Your Makes!

It's midday. Having taken Charlotte to a playgroup this morning, fed her with beans and cheese on toast for lunch (her favourite), she's now down for a sleep. Hurrah. 

Over the last few weeks, this has been my (almost) daily cue to whirr into action and get my painting togs on and continue my mission to decorate the hall. 

But. Today, it is so grim and wet outside that I need the lights on inside. Urgh. I am not feeling the decorating inspiration, my friends. Partly due to the weather, and also because I am reaching bits of the process that are beyond my skill level, and a tactical pause to consider important questions, like, what on earth do I do about all the trunking (and other imperfections I am now noticing), a bit more. In a perfect world, I'd have a team of professionals to come and solve such problems for me. The reality is that I am settling for the best I can do myself, and adopting "It will look a lot nicer than it did" as my mantra. I have also ear marked a sparkly light fitting as my future reward for when the job is finished - it is keeping me motivated to get the job done, now that the initial novelty of doing some decorating has gone.

Enough boring waffling on about DIY. On with the real purpose of this post - to show you some pictures of the bags the ladies made on my two Complete Beginners' Courses in September.

Emma's pretty prints came from Dunelm Mill, and Jane got her Cath Kidston fabric for a glorious discount at the factory outlet near St. Neots. 

Sarah's nautical themed prints also came from Dunelm Mill - and the finished bag looks great with her outfit, don't you agree?
As we were taking the photos, Emma insisted everyone ought to notice how impressively good a job Sarah did of lining up the print on her bag. Nice job, Sarah!

I had a bad case of fabric envy over Rosalina's bag - it started life as a pair of old curtains. A brilliant stroke of charity shop luck, no? It just goes to show you don't have to limit yourself to fabric shops when sourcing materials for your makes.

The final bag for the Monday night ladies was this pretty butterfly one, made by Claire. She's now onto making her next project already, which is a dress for her little girl.

Smile for the camera, everyone...!

Not to be left out, here are the Tuesday girls with their finished bags:

Both groups were so much fun to work with. A lot of tea was drunk, cake eaten, shared laughter over mishaps and, so much delight over everyone's finished makes. From being nervous on week one, to leaving at the end of week four with chatter about what they will make next, I think it's fair to say their sewing journey/addiction has begun. Hurrah to that.

As for me and my own sewing - well, you have probably guessed that not much has been happening. I've put some of the bigger projects I had lined up on the back burner, until I have time and motivation to do them justice. I have indulged in planning a few quicker projects - starting with some purses. I love making purses, and haven't made any for ages - so I thought these would be ideal, both for the amount of spare time I have at the moment, and, for the fact I have some good friends with birthdays coming up.

I am basing my makes on this pattern from Lisa Lam's A bag for all reasons. As framed purses are a popular request on something to include in my courses, I am going to be including this on my Handbag and Purse Course in November. As well as learning how to make a framed purse, we'll be making the oh so roomy For Pleats Sake. Can't wait!

Having settled on a project (and let's face it, that can take me a while), the fun of choosing fabrics and trimmings begins. Now there's a way to bring cheer to a damp afternoon while the baby sleeps. Watch. This. Space. 

If you'd like to join me in some sewing, booking has opened, and there are four places up for grabs. You can book online using the secure link to the right of this post.


  1. Do hope you are having a nice afternoon selecting those fabrics... It is so very dreary outside today. But I like it. I, too, should be decorating but with such dim light have decided to embrace wool week instead and have curled up knitting! Bliss

  2. I always love painting, that is until it's not finished straight way then I get really bored!

  3. Lovely bags - what a great range of fabrics! I like the look of the pleated one too :) I hope you enjoyed choosing your fabrics. I can only do decorating in small bouts too, and it definitely shows signs of being done by an amateur!