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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Snap up a place on a Kitchen Table Sewing class!

The One Week One Pattern challenge is almost over. I've been enjoying wearing my Coco tops so much that I managed to squeeze in time to make myself another, and am wearing it today.

I used some snazzy camera print and blocked it with some stripes for an on trend* monocrome look. As the weather is cooling down, I decided to opt for long sleeves this time.

I'm really happy with how the make came together. It's the second version I have made using blocking, and, I can vouch for it being a process that is speedier and less nerve racking second time round.

And yes, you've guessed it - I'm wearing it today! (Is there a person reading this who manages to resist the thrill of wearing a new make at the earliest opportunity?!)

So, Bedford peeps - who'd like to come and make one of these lovely tops with me?

This is the perfect pattern to buy for someone who has made a few simple things and wants to try making their own clothes.

By coming on one of my courses, you know you'll be venturing into the fun of dress making with plenty of help on hand. And cake. There is always cake...

As well as Coco making, I'll also be returning to children's clothing - making the super cute Dance With Me Dress, which is a lovely garment to make for little girls.

There are a couple of spaces left on these two October courses, so snap one up while you can.

Choose your course(s)

 *I never use the phrase `on trend' in real life - I make a point of never buying fashion magazines, and so can safely guarantee any trend that I pick up on has long been and gone by the time I have noticed it...


  1. Love the on trend monochrome look! Surely it is on trend... And that camera fabric is pretty amazing

  2. I found you through Tilly and the Buttons' blog - this is genuinely one of the best makes I've ever seen on the internet. I love it SO much. I've never sewed stretch fabric but I might have to start. So lovely!