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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Do half hearted selfies and photos taken by children still count for OWOP?

Hello, lovely readers.

SATURDAY - Sunshine Coco goes to the swings.
"I think I've missed your head out by accident, Mummy..." 
It is a grey Saturday morning - we've been to swimming lessons, and now, the three big girls are cutting up bits of coloured paper and trading in sweets (strawberry bootlaces being chopped into not really worth bothering about sized pieces by one in a bid to get some extra Smarties from the person who still has some), whilst we wait for the baby to wake so we can have our usual wander into town for the library and loom bands.
SUNDAY - stripy Coco with Hummingbird infinity scarf
goes to Liberty in London (excited squeal!)
I'm perched on a stool next to them (them knowing I am listening in prevents potential sweet based wars from breaking out), nice large mug of tea and the laptop, as I thought I'd put together a quick catch up on how my Coco OWOP went.

MONDAY - a bit of a chill in the air, so Sausage Dogs with GAP jeans
The week itself went easily, to be honest. Although, I suspect that, when I compare my photos to other participants, I will realise my efforts have been a bit half hearted - both on the photography front, and the styling part of the challenge. But I didn't have much time to take lots of photos each day until I had one that didn't make me cringe, and, it has been a fairly uneventful week of school runs and nothing much else to make me feel inclined to dress up.

TUESDAY - hello sunshine, let's have bare legs with Scooter Coco as I
feel good about remembering to water the plants
This may all sound a bit, well, negative. It isn't meant to be. I have enjoyed wearing my Cocos - but this hasn't been that different to normal, really. Only that a few other patterns would be creeping in, of course. I like wearing things made from jersey, because generally, no ironing is ever needed, and, they are really comfortable and practical to wear around small children.

The reason why time feels so short... (but doesn't she look lovely as she
scampers off to cause chaos in her sisters' room?!)
Making my own clothes - like these Cocos - gives me daily little bursts of joy when I wear them, I can remain in something easy going, and, also something that is totally unique and reflects my own personal tastes. I'm going to keep this in mind, and try not to feel inadequate or jealous of other bloggers when I look at their OWOP write ups.

I am sure I am not the only one who gets a bit deflated when they see things others have made - and I am missing the point when I do. For me, sewing at home is about switching off and claiming some time for yourself, and about the fun of turning the awesome fabrics that have tempted you to part with your cash into the image you have of what you'd like it to be.

WEDNESDAY - "Mummy, those tights are really bright!"
"But, they look nice... don't they?"
I have a minor confession. After making the new camera Coco on Wednesday night, I wore it for the next two days - in exactly the same style. There. Lazy, I know. But who cares, eh? I did the sniff test before getting dressed on the second morning, and all was fine. So, the next time you come across a mum of four (or more) little ones, and wonder how she manages to juggle it all, remember that she might be gleefully cutting corners on laundry by wearing the same things twice (and, encouraging the rest of the family to do the same). He, he.

THURSDAY - new top joy as I wear Camera Coco with teal
chinos from GAP
And that is it from me for now.

The awesome cake shop round the corner is making the technical challenges from the GBBO each week. I have inside information that this week's Swedish Princess Cake is on sale by the slice today. I am hoping there will still be some left by the time we go past...

Have a good weekend, whatever you get up to!


  1. He He your OWOP write up made me laugh.
    If you want to make yourself feel better check out my poor selfie attempts on my blog. I too had other priorities this week but still managed to wear my me-mades for the challenge. What outfits I cobbled together - I mean carefully planned - were not quite as effortlessly elegant and cool as I had envisioned in my head. Ho-hum!
    At least they are me-made and not the same as high street buys : )

    1. Save me a slice of that Swedish Princess Cake it sounds lovely x

  2. Oh, I liked all your Scout Tees - and the selies, he, he. And that cake. Yummy! We got there just in time to buy the penultimate slice. Fancy on Roff Avenue in Bedford is most definitely one of the best hidden secrets of the town. (And I am very smug about living 100metres away)

  3. Where is that hummingbird fabric from? It's gorgeous! Sarah

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I bought it in John Lewis over a year ago - it was a complete impulse buy, based on how lovely it looked and felt.

  4. Glad I'm not the only one who was worried about OWOP pictures! I have a two year old and I don't think he's capable of working a camera , I just laid the clothes out on the bed and took a snap when I got dressed!

    1. I bet he'd be very happy to have a go at being your photographer..! X

  5. I think you've had a great week and you have some lovely Cocos to showcase. Reading your post, the sentence that jumped out was "Making my own clothes - like these Cocos - gives me daily little bursts of joy when I wear them." That's all that matters at the end of the day! x