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Monday, 25 August 2014

Trying to keep on top of the mess

With just over a week to go until the school holidays are over, I have to be truthful and say that my house is a total mess.

Not a lot of sewing is being done at the moment. Most days are pretty full - keeping on top of the basics that must get done (clean clothes and dishes, and, children), heading out to the park so everyone can let off steam, before coming home for more play, food and bed. After that, I am ready to flop onto the sofa, watch TV, and, maybe crochet or read a bit.

If I had a magic wand, Mary Poppins would pop round to teach my children how to tidy up properly, before whisking them off to the park for an hour. The only thing even better than that, would be if, upon waving them off to the park, a squad of professional cleaners turned up to deal with my grubby house, sending me off out on my own for an hour so I didn't get under their feet. We can dream, can't we?

I have made a couple of simple, but useful things. Bibs!

Fellow Cath Kidston fans will spot the strawberry print. It was one of the ones I picked up when I made the trip out for fabric for my picnic bag. I christened my walking foot with this project. It made sewing the otherwise tricky laminated cloth a dream. I kicked myself a bit for not putting the walking foot on to make my bag, but it seemed like an effort to try something new. How silly, with hindsight, as I'd have made the bag handles really easily with the walking foot.

The pattern is still available as a tutorial from Craftiness Is Not Optional - I traced it when Jess first produced it three years ago, but I notice she is now charging for it. I made a couple of alterations, in that I used two pieces of laminated Cath Kidston prints and clipped them (and the bias binding) wrong sides together using my bag making clips and then whizzed it all through the sewing machine using my walking foot. I wanted the bibs to be easily wiped down so they'd last a few meals before needing washing. They wash fine, by the way. If you do decide to buy the pattern, I'd recommend making a slight adjustment to the lengths of bias binding recommended, as I think the arm holes are a bit over generous in size. That aside, I really like the design of the bib, as it is harder for a messy eater to pull up and smear food everywhere.

Now if someone could invent something to prevent tons of food landing on the floor three times daily, or, failing that, to fast track Charlotte's hand to mouth coordination so that she could feed herself properly (and not just awkwardly refuse to have me feed her), then my day would be made. The stage of watching her fail at keeping food on a spoon seems to be going on for ages!


  1. Sweet bib! Our home sounds like it may be in a similar state... waiting for those magical cleaning people or failing that, a thorough autumn clean. And while those magical cleaners are around I would like to add reducing the ironing pile and cleaning the car to the list. It still has most of a Devon beach in there...

    1. Yes- our car still has half the beach in it, too! 😊

  2. My house goes from tidy to war zone in a few minutes! Love the bibs! Wipe down is always best! I used to put a sheet under my little boy at mealtimes !

  3. What gets me, is when they are busy undoing my tidying/cleaning while I am distracted doing some tidying/cleaning in another part of the house, and I return to the original bit where I started to find it is back to how it was! 😊