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Friday, 29 August 2014

Super simple baby (& older sibling) gifts - PART 2

Hello again.

Today's makes have a splashy bath time theme to them. I figure you can't go wrong with flannels and towels as gifts.

Bunny flannels and matching hooded bunny towel
I took one metre of ridiculously soft white Terry towelling and basically had a bit of a play about making a hooded poncho type towel, that I thought would be a nice thing for a slightly older baby.

The towelling came from Plush Addict and is definitely soft enough to be used as a gift for a newborn. The make went together pretty well - it was fun working out how to bring the image I had in my mind to life. It's just a shame my model (Charlotte) wasn't remotely playing ball on the day, and just kept wrenching the thing off and crawling off at top speed in her bid to climb the stairs (naked as the day she was born).

Here's how I made it:

1. Doubled up the towelling, and folded it over again to create a rectangle 38cm wide by 50 cm long (this length is nicely long with room to grow for a one year old).
2. Measured round the baby's head, and added a bit for the hole to be cut (52cm is what I went with - with hindsight, I'd make it a bit smaller, as the hood seems to make the hole appear more generous).
3. Measured from the base of the neck to the crown, and from the crown to the forehead to get a sense of how big the hood should be. My initial measurements were both 16cm - but bear in mind you need to add to this quite generously (about 5 cm all round) so the hood is nice and comfy.
4. I sketched out a hood shape, with the front and base forming a simple right angle, and cut double thickness again, folding the fabric on the line of the front of the hood.
5. Sew the open side seam to make a tube (the other side will be folded, from where you are working with doubled up fabric).
6. If you are going down the bunny ears route with your make (and why wouldn't you?!), now is the time to make your bunny ears, and position them onto the hood.
7. Cut the hole for the head, centre the hood, and sew it to one layer of the hole.
8. Finish all raw edges with home made bias binding to match the fabric you've used on the ears - a big circle for the hole and where the hood is attached to it, and, both bottom ends of the poncho. I'm afraid I didn't measure the exact amounts I used - but 1.5 metres of binding should do it.

When you've finished making the poncho, you'll have plenty of towelling left to make little bunny flannels. Perfect cute little gift for the baby and any siblings, no? My tip here is to make the opening of the flannels wider than you think they need to be. The first time I made flannels like this for my girls, I ended up with them being too narrow to fit their hands into comfortably - d'oh!

One bunny poncho and a pile of matching flannels for the price of a metre of fabric feels like pretty good value to me. Using pretty little scraps from other baby projects means the gifts can all coordinate nicely if you want them too, and turns this simple sewing into something that looks really special and is a pleasure to give as a gift.

Where's Bunny? Matching flannels and baby blankies (Michael Miller fabrics from Plush Addict)
The poncho took me an evening to make - but I think I would be a lot quicker making it a second time, as I wouldn't need to do so much head scratching (yes, it is a simple thing, but it felt like I had to think hard about how I wanted it to be size/finish wise). I hope the instructions are clear enough for anyone wanting to have a go - I'm not sure whether others reading this would want to make one, but I'll put together a proper tutorial if it seems it would be useful to people.

The flannels were delightfully easy to do - and, as you can tell, I took a `wonky is good and part of their home made charm' approach. Again, another nice quick and simple little thing to make that I think would go down well as a new baby/sibling gift.

Do you have a favourite thing to make for little ones?


  1. I like your wonky is good approach! It's very similar to mine! If it doesn't look handmade how will other people know it is!!